Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whiskey Plank!

In the old days of wooden shipbuilding, when the last plank of the hull was fastened in place, a celebration often ensued. It was at this point that the hull was considered a vessel, although the ship was far from complete. Interior work, rudder, and rigging were still to be added.

Although the age of wooden ships has passed, the term "whiskey plank" is still widely used in the boating community, and sometimes shows up in up in other industries and applications, as well. My sister, a novelist,  uses the term when the writing of a first draft is complete.

So it is with the I-95 flag in Richmond. The flag is up. The whiskey plank stage has been reached.

The hideous cackle you hear is echoing from the floggosphere. Apparently, the floggers think the project is over, and the flag is obscured by trees.

But ya know what? Methinks the floggers have jumped the gun a little with their orgiastic ridicule.

Even from wa-a-ay down here in Florida, I can see the heavy equipment still at the site in some of the photos.

There's a reason why it's still there.

I know from earlier news reports that there will be a fence and lighting at the flag site. I guess the floggers don't have very long memories, or don't retain what they read.

Since the fence and lighting are still to be installed, obviously, the site is not finished yet. I do love watching floggers when they let their hatred get the better of them, though.

Photos: Judy Smith Photography, Richmond Times Dispatch


  1. Like yapping dogs they soon will be run off by a big dog. And then they will hide under the front porch while the big dog struts.....woof!

  2. LOL, John! They couldn't WAIT to screech their ridicule... but it would have been better to wait until the project is completed. The trees around the location served a purpose for a while, and still serve a purpose. But once the fence goes up, they won't be needed.

    One thing about the flogger posts about the flag raising is that it shows their true colors -- the colors of hatred.

    Oh, well. I guess they better enjoy it while they can, because the last laugh will be on them....

  3. Evidently, it is a grave sin and an epic failure if a Flag cannot be immediately observed by, well, the entire U.S. population. Below is a link to a U.S. Flag that is never, ever seen by anyone. Ever. I mean, what an epic failure that no one ever, ever see it! Just imagine the stupid fools who placed it there! For what?! No one can ever see it!! So let's mock the idiots who placed the Flag where ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN EVER SEE IT!!


  4. LOL Simpson just can't admit he was duped, He still has his tail tucked !
    He's still trying to save face.
    If my dog had a face like that I'd shave his butt and make him walk backwards.

    "I was close by posting just south of where the flag went up"

    Close Brooks but no cigar ! And close only counts in Horse shoes and hand grenades.

  5. In construction it's called a Topping out party, when the building's frame work is complete' but it still has a long way to go.


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