Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh, Those Self-Righteous Floggers....

In a comment thread about Matt Heimbach at Dead Confederates, Neil Hamilton remarks: "It seems like the excuse is 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' If any organization reaches this point, where it will accept support from the likes of Matt Heimbach, they have not only lost their way, their point, and their one-time goals, but their very souls."

Their very souls? How very melodramatic. Or, as my Pop used to say in imitation of his mountaineer grandpaw, "That's high meller-drammer." Aside from the fact that there's no evidence that the Flaggers "accepted support" from Heimbach (he attended some events where they were present, and made four posts on an open Facebook group) there is also no evidence that they knew what his racial beliefs and activities were when he attended those events. In the time since his activities have become more widely known, he has not attended Flagger events; and it is doubtful that most Flaggers would recognize him if they passed him on the street.

Don't worry, Neil. The VaFlaggers haven't lost their way, their point, their goals or their souls.Unfortunately for all the flogger bellyachers out there, the I-95 flag IS GOING UP and Richmond ain't gonna crumble, sink, or go broke because of it.

Andy Hall (who, apparently, still hasn't acknowledged that the lawsuit against Paula Deen alleging racial discrimination was tossed out) notes: "...there seems to be a high tolerance for old-fashioned bigotry and casual racial nastiness among some subsets of Confederate heritage types. References to the NAACP as the “tan klan” are common and unremarked-upon." 

That phrase, tan klan, was coined by African-American Walter Williams, an economist at George Mason University, and is used by conservatives in general, not just heritage folks, to describe some of the authoritarian antics of the NAACP.

Andy writes, "Not long ago a member on SHPG showed up and commented on “coon” King and talked about how he celebrated when MLK “got popped.” He was admonished for posting that comment there, but not asked to leave, or removed."

In fact, the person's membership was removed pretty much within hours if not minutes of his last comment on the SHPG thread in question, which I demonstrated almost a month ago, here:

But has Andy corrected that? Nope.

He continues, "They don’t seem to care much if their members hold those views, so long as they express them elsewhere, in a way that doesn’t reflect immediately back on the group."

Actually, unlike floggers, leftists, authoritarian PC-ers and the like, Southern heritage folks are mostly conservatives, and  conservatives usually believe nobody has the authority to tell others what to believe, even if the others believe in offensive things. They value freedom of speech and thought. Floggers and other authoritarians do not believe in freedom of speech and thought. They get off on telling people what they can and cannot say and even think....

Andy sez, "What matters is their fealty to heritage; we’ve already seen two very prominent Flaggers, Billy Bearden and Tripp Lewis, come to the defense of Heimbach’s commitment to honoring his Confederate ancestors."

And the problem with that is....???? Neither Billy nor Tripp came to the defense of Heimbach's racial beliefs, correct?

Andy concludes, "But more broadly, yeah — they’re much more angry about people exposing the stupid/ridiculous/offensive stuff that goes on in their ranks, than they are with the people doing the stupid/ridiculous/offensive stuff in the first place.

Actually, Andy, what they're angry about is hypocritical, self-righteous floggers who lie, spin and distort in the guise of "exposing" stupid/ridiculous/offensive among those they dislike, but ignoring hateful/mendacious/sickening stuff from their own ranks....


  1. Another clownish holier-than-thou white-guy on a perpetual crusade to find "racists". Judging from the all-white company he keeps, he really shouldn't have to look all that far to find one or two.

  2. If a gang of Crips broke into his own house and commenced whatever mayhem they wanted would he attribute it to the 'legacy of slavery and oppression by the White Man'?


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