Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Floggosphere...

...has gone very quiet about the I-95 Battle Flag. Considering how long, loud and vociferous the anti-flag crowd has been for weeks on end, I can't help but wonder about this development.

Why the silence?

Not that I'm complaining, you understand. These characters should have shut up about the project long ago, and the respite from the moaning and bellyaching, the threats and intimidation, the lies and slanders, the denigration and animosity is wonderful.

I just can help but wonder about the reason for it....


  1. I think we can agree that the Floggers, despite their wild threats to huff and puff and blow the house down, know full well their defeat is imminent; the Flag will fly. Accordingly, and consistent with their generally base and dishonest methods, we can expect a few comments to the effect that the Flag is irrelevant, it will change nothing, no one will notice, no one really cares, etc. etc.They will do this, mind you, without embarrassment, and despite the fact that they have devoted thousands upon thousands of words and countless hours desperately trying to defeat its ceremonial display. Count on it.

    Which brings me to another point. Over at Hall's blog, he is blathering on about slavery again. Like most neo-lincolnites, he evidently thinks that slavery is a very, very, bad thing. Unless of course, the slavery is in Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and New Jersey. In these Union States, it seems that slavery is just fine. Do they truly not realize that when they bring these bitter and derisive denunciations against slavery and slave-owners, they bring precisely the same calumny against themselves? Can they possibly be that flippin obtuse?

    The answer is that they can, and here is a perfect example. It is a gem, and it is from Mike Rogers. He quotes the following from dishonest Abe, evidently feeling that it is somehow dispositive of Lincoln's rectitude.

    "...“The little disguise that the supposed right [to secede] is to be exercised only for just cause, themselves to be the sole judge of its justice, is too thin to merit any notice.”

    Really? Let's just try out that logic.

    1. The Second Continental Congress, in 1776, also had a "little disguise" and made themselves the "sole judge" of the justice of its cause. The Declaration of Independence is therefore, "too thin to merit any notice". Fastball, strike one.

    2. The Texas Convention had a "little disguise" and made itself the "sole judge" of the justice of its cause. The Texas Declaration of Independence is therefore, "too thin to merit any notice". Fastball, strike two.

    3. Lincoln also has a little disguise, as he made himself the "sole judge" of the justice of the Confederate cause. His crude and corrupt speech of July 4, 1861, is therefore, "too thin to merit any notice". Fastball, strike three.

    Grab some pine kid.

  2. Mass depression perhaps?

    At any rate as much fun as we have had with their moaning and their failed attempts to derail the project I would like to suggest that once the flag goes up on Saturday, while it is a cause to celebrate let us do so with grace and humility.


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