Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Floggers' Heimbach Maneuver, Part Deux

Watching the flogger frenzy since the announcement of the I-95 flag project by the Virginia Flaggers has ranged from guffaw-level hilarity to head-shaking bemusement. The discovery of Matthew Heimbach and the resulting hallucinations and flights into fancy, particularly by Brooks D. Simpson, professor of history at Arizona State University, have been amazing to follow.

A few days ago, apparently enraged by a blog and Facebook post by VaFlagger Tommy Clinger that was dismissive of the floggers' Heimbach Maneuver, Simpson set the web network aflame, downloading pictures and taking screenshots, compiling them into a Crossroads post so out-of-touch with reality, it almost crosses the line from side-splitting into pathetic.

He's apparently convinced himself that the Flaggers are on the verge of defeat. I don't know what would cause this truly hallucinatory projection of defeat, unless being an Islanders fan has something to do with it.
"The Virginia Flaggers continue to find themselves in one big mess," Simpson begins. "Oh, they are trying to do what they can to wriggle out of revelations that they have welcomed white supremacist spokesperson Matthew Heimbach into their ranks as a fellow Flagger, but these efforts simply sink them deeper into the quicksand."
They do? Interesting that the Flaggers don't seem to know it. They've been flagging as usual plus  preparing for their second anniversary celebration, and for the I-95 flag raising on September 28 -- mailing out bumper stickers, visiting the I-95 flag site and posting photos of site. Pretty spirited activity for folks supposedly mired up to their necks in quicksand.

Glib-meister Simpson's frenzy gives us a marvelous look into his devious manipulation of the language -- claiming that Heimbach is a "member in good standing" of the VaFlaggers (none of the floggers has offered any dates, times and locations where Heimbach has actually flagged), and was "embraced" by them and "welcomed" into the group.

The paltry "evidence" he's collected to back up these claims actually better establishes that Heimback is not a Flagger than that he is.

I've already debunked claims of Heimbach's association with the Flaggers here http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2013/09/to-correct-disinformation.html

Other posts where I've ripped these Flogger claims to shreds can be found here:

I also note that Simpson still hasn't explained how he obtained a post from a closed Facebook group he's not a member of. Until he proves otherwise, we have no choice but to assume he obtained it fraudulently.

But the Heimbach Maneuver is yesterday's news. Nobody's interested in it except floggers and their floggerette peanut galleries. So let's move on to a couple of other subjects:

First, dire predictions of Flagger defeat via a "public relations disaster."

I dunno, folks. The Wall Street Journal article (recapped in NewsMax) looks pretty un-disastrous, to me -- particularly when you add the comment by author Laird Wilcox. And all that wriggling you see -- it's not trying to escape quicksand. It's the delight and excitement over the donations and well-wishes that have been pouring in in support of the I-95 flag effort.

According to one report, they already have more money than they need for the I-95 project. Perhaps they can donate the overage to the Arizona Flaggers for their Flag Project in Maricopa County (home of Sheriff Joe)....

Second, before I close, I want to pass along some real jewels from the peanut gallery floggerettes:

Brooks D. Simpson -- For such a media-savvy person, Susan Hathaway’s certainly botched this one. She’s being done in by her own people.

For somebody who is "done in" she sure is busy, active and accomplishing a lot -- with the help of her own people.
M.D. Blough --  The reality is he may be there because a lot of people in the group agree with him [Heimbach].
Depends on what the subject is. It's extremely likely that there are some things Heimbach believes that even floggers and floggerettes agree with.
Brooks D. Simpson --  Hathaway’s doing herself no favors, and this time the damage is going to remain.
If Susan is damaged, it's not through any fault of her own. And it's not from Walker, Tripp or anybody associated with the Flaggers. Or even Heimbach. Get my drift, flogger folk? As to whether it remains -- it'll be gone long before flogger resentment finally plays out.
lenastorheim --  I would like to know why Susie has not condemned the white supremacist principles of Heimbach. Why would she want that associated with her Flaffer group? I think we all know the reason why – and it’s unspoken, but we know.
Well, Wonder Woman, how do you know she hasn't condemned it?  Because YOU haven't heard her doing it? You're getting infantile, like Simpson ... if you don't know about it, it ain't happened. Second, her life is a living refutation of it. Third, it isn't associated with the Flagger group, your wishes and hallucinations notwithstanding.
Thelibertylamp --  If they actually did go off and form their own whites only fairytale land it would be one big extremist militia compound where they could get away with beating up women, rape, young girls being forced to marry old men, slavery, theocracy …
Wow... He's showing us what HE daydreams about, isn't he?
Andy Hall -- It was Michael Cushman himself who said, about me, “there will be no room for traitors in a free South.” So yeah, dissent will not be welcome in the “free South” as envisioned by these guys.
Andy, please. Traitor and dissenter are not the same thing. You are educated enough -- presumably -- to know that.

Lastly, in a follow up to Part One -- Every last flogger who accused Tripp Lewis of child abuse was lying their heads off because, if they had actually believed it, they would have reported it. I mean, what person of decency could become aware of the abuse of children and NOT REPORT IT????  The fact that they did NOT report it means that they either (a) are not decent people or (b) knew there was no child abuse occurring, but said there was simply to persecute Tripp for being a flagger and holding views they don't approve of.
Image: Composited by C. Ward with Images from the SCV and the Wikimedia Commons under Creative Common License 2.


  1. Thank you Connie to standing up to Simpleton's vicious attacks, and same old tired argument over and over.

    Simpleton is on the run, and he is desperate.

    It makes no difference if he objects, or the Mayor of Richmond objects, or President Obama objects. "Let the floggers," I love that word, complain.

    Keep up the good work. God Save the South.

  2. Janice, you are so right, it doesn't matter how many signatures are on the petition. The Flaggers haven't circulated petitions; they're just happily accepting donations and accompanying well-wishes that are flowing in....


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