Saturday, September 21, 2013

So There's a Flogger Mini-Convention... Kevin Levin's flog. He posted a picture of the Virginia Flaggers on the steps of the capitol, which he, great learned high school teacher spelled capital, and started what floggers do best -- derision and ridicule.

BTW, for any other high school teachers or college perfessers who may be confused...

Capital = Richmond
Capitol = Statehouse

So the sour grapers are claiming the Flaggers' I-95 flag is not historically accurate. The stars aren't evenly spaced -- there's too much space between the center star and the ones adjacent to it, and too much space between the stars and the corners of the flag.

I posted links to the historic flags below that clearly show extra space between the center star and the adjacent ones, or space between the stars and the corners of the flag, thus proving that the Flaggers' flag is indeed historically accurate. I accompanied the links with this comment: "Somebody needs to go back in time and tell these soldiers their flags are not historically accurate…."

What did Levin say in his own defense?
Interesting examples, but most of them appear to be poorly constructed and loosely based on what appear to be uniform parameters for most other ANV battle flags.
That may or may not be true, but it isn't the point, it is? The point was the floggers and floggerettes claimed the unevenly placed stars made the I-95 flag historically inaccurate.

That is not true. See for yourself:



Besides, if what they're interested in is HISTORY, and if this is just HERITAGE as they claim, why are they soooo obsessed with it?


  1. Connie, I am so very glad you did this, as I was preparing to respond in an identical manner! Kevin Levin was oh so smug and belittling in his post, but the idjit put his white-male foot squarely in his stupid smarmy mouth. Now he looks like a foolish incompetent jackass. Perhaps he should just stick to "teaching" at his segregated all-white school, and leave the social commentary to the grown-ups.

  2. I disagree. Brooks, Levin, and the whites at Crossroads are really little more than lowlife slimy cheap-shot artists. If in fact, this particular criticism had been legitimate, then it would have been much ao about nothing. The fact that Levin, in this case, took a gutless cheap-shot and had it thrown back in his smarmy face, makes it very much worthwhile. And again, Levin would do better sticking to "teaching" at his Jim Crow segregated all-white shool.

  3. Part 1

    I've noticed a *slight* reduction in your enemies comments here; I wonder why? Are their guns being silenced? No more ammunition?

    I noticed Bwook's latest tirade, "What Would You Build in Confederate Heritage Disneyland" and it plays along quiet well with this thread. But instead of addressing that article directly at the moment, I want to interweave it into my comments below.

    Read the following article I wrote concerning American Exceptionalism, which I originally posted at the blog "The Western Center for Journalism". I will conclude my comments, here, at the end of that article.

    The opening quote is from the author of the article I responded too. I am addressing back to him, below his opening quote to me. There is much to be learned and gained here, if you read and think about what I wrote.
    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

    “Exceptionalism is not the same a perfect of course- I am not sure how every perceived injustice throughout US history factors into my column. You will never progress in your life if you dwell on past injustices real or not. We have to move forward and focus on what we can do as a society to make our nation stronger and better.

    That’s 1 of my major points! HOWEVER, you can’t move forward until several things/variables/details/knowledge and a point defined in which you want to move is ALL considered and at least planned as a goal. Otherwise everyone, the nation goes off in different directions, with each person, group, culture…etc choosing its’ own path. This only leads to disunion, disharmony, tension and eventually civil strife.

    To start, first and foremost; One or a group cannot know where they are even at unless they know where they’ve been. Good enuff reason to know your history; right? More so, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you are currently at. More than a good reason to know your history, right right?

    Here’s the problem, most people don’t give a flip about any of the above. They don’t care where they’ve been, where they’re at, where they are going and they *really really* don’t care about the history behind it all.

    End Part 1

  4. Part 2
    All they live for is the moment and whatever the news of the day, they’ll instantly side with whatever sounds best to them for the moment. Somewhat curiously most people get around this by simply grouping their behavior around what any majority seems to lean towards, rightly or wrongly doesn’t matter.

    All that need be done to control such masses of *sheeple* (Sheep being one of the most grouping animals on earth.) is to control just enuff of them by leading the first few into a chosen direction which is normally easily done by propaganda. This is where the mass media and public education has destroyed us, for it those who instills that first part of the heard mentality upon people by the way they are taught and what history they are given to learn.

    I’ve read it several times and from various sources that US History as taught in all public education and in the media, is ruffly 50% truth and the other 50% lies and manipulations. It is very slightly less in Europe and slightly less than that in Asian countries. Sadly if an American doesn’t take it upon himself to study alternative history, they have doomed themselves to NEVER understanding real history. In which case these people will NEVER know where they’ve been, where they are at, or most importantly, where they are going, much less being able to plan where they want to go!

    Lincoln’s War is the very best place to start in showing people how their history has been purposely twisted and fed to them as lies! This is American Exceptionalism at its’ best. Now you know why American Exceptionalism was originally coined by Liberal Northern Yankees and has always been one of their mainstays in manipulating the public.

    Again for those of you who don’t know your history. *Yankee* is a very derogatory word. You will NEVER find the full definition in any dictionary or encyclopedia. It was originally an Iroquois and Mohawk Indian word for *English slave trader*. You can verify this only by going to one of those bands of Indians and asking them to explain it for you. Those Yankees were given that name for their persistent slave trading habits which also largely included stealing those Indian’s children and young adults and selling them into slavery.

    Again this being a topic most Yankees will never talk about and will deny. Not all Northerners are Yankees, just as some Southerners are Yankees. It’s simply a state of mind and heart. It was the Puritans and Quakers themselves who were the most ardent slave holders in early New England, who oddly became its’ staunchest opponents, using slavery as their cry for self-righteousness against those they opposed. (Know your real history!)

    Sadder still is the fact, that I know from history, that this country would be much better off broken into smaller regions. The reasons are so many and so valid, it would take a major new topic to discuss them. Old Southerners such as Rhett and Calhoun understood this many years ago, but they were too late in making positive shifts in society. Today the very best that can be hoped for is that only a small % of society can band together in one smaller common area for their self interests and individual self determination.

    However I really do not see this happening either. People are just too slow in properly reacting to their real problems, being more interested in reacting to perceived threats, which they are being led into believing by those wolves in control.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

    End of Part 2

  5. Part 3 Final Observations and Comments:

    As I have stated, your enemy is not here for the fun of it. Now think about this for a minute: Would any real friend, no anyone you would converse with as equals; Would they correct your grammar and spelling for the fun of it? Would they, just to be helping you?

    No they wouldn't! So what is the real reasons they do this? It is to gain an advantage and control over you! It's nothing but non-physical combat for the same intents and purposes as physical combat. Only the strategies and tactics are different in suiting the needs of the environment. (Remember, we are in a different time and an enlarged arena.)

    Your enemies tries to correct you in efforts to destroy your credibility. Lose your credibility and eventually lose your position. Which eventually leads to losing everything you are fighting for!

    You see, these people really are your enemies and they mean you much harm. And honestly, if they could they would wish you off this planet and into H3LL. (But I forgot, they don't believe in the same H3LL we do.) Start treating them as your enemies for a change.

    Similar can be said about correcting historical mistakes anyone of us may make. So far I've been fortunate and haven't made any real noticeable mistakes. OTOH Billy Bearden, as well as he meant and as good as he is, he made a simple mistake that was used against him and applied to all of you. There was no easy way out of that mistake as it was so obvious, Billy should have known better, being more deliberate and judgmental in his comments. But still it can be shown that Bwook's correction was not meant out of respect or being fair. Bwooks actually meant to advance their cause at your expense because of Billy's mistake. I used this as an example against Bwooks, showing his own self-righteous desires. But this cannot always be used as an excuse.

    Bwooks latest article follows the same ole standard routine of poking fun at his enemies in order to mock them, trying to demote their status to that of a mere joke and fantasy. This is what Bwooks really thinks of ya'll!

    I'm thinking in relation to my last comments that you should be wondering; how do we best address such arrogance, ignorance and self-righteousness in a person? I can say this for the moment, but it will take another post and possibly several to fully explain the proper responses. But the short of it is, you MUST learn to get inside his head and learn to think and understand his thoughts, how he derives and concludes them, and his basis for forming them. Meaning his principles and dogma which he bases the foundations of his life upon. And you must apply these same methods for all your enemies. It's where Karl Marx fell short and couldn't address the proper responses to finish his own conclusions. Take it for what you will, but I supersede Karl Marx. I can take you past his teachings and show you how to beat those using them. You're already seeing some results here by the non-actions of your enemies. Eventually they will cease posting here to any degree. If that what Ms Connie so desires?

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  6. I have a question for Austin/Caldwell/Reed/Clarissa/Jennifer Cotton.

    Since you hide in anonymity, I presume you'll have no problem in submitting a simple answer. The question is:

    Are you, person who uses fake profile names, a white supremacist? To amplify: Do you believe that the White Christian race is superior to other races and religions on Earth?

    A simple yes or no will suffice as I will not comment on any amplifications you provide.

  7. For you, person who lives by phony philosophies, hypocritical practices, fraudulent ideologies, and fake principles;

    1. Does Kevin Levin work at a private school whose student population is exclusively white?

    2. If so, have you asked him if he is a white- supremacist?

    3. If not, why not?

    4. "White Christian" is not a race, doofus

    5 I could not give two chits whether you will or won't comment on my response.

  8. Rob, why are you anti-White? Rob, why are you anti-Christian?

  9. Most holy and superior Rob Baker, how long would a White, Christian male/female last at one of your oh so tolerant colleges and universities?

  10. Good thoughts. Perhaps the Floggers should start explaining why they only teach at Jim Crow schools. Why do they refuse to teach at schools that are predominantly Black? What do they have against Black people? I thought they cared about Black people?

  11. Thanks for not answering, much like I thought you would. Too scared to show your name, too scared to answer the question.

  12. Johnny, UnReconstructed, I'll answer your questions if you say who you really are.

  13. And just to clarify:

    1.) Couldn't tell you, I don't work where Kevin works, nor is he a subject of conversation in this post.

    2.) Again, irrelevant, I am not talking about Kevin Levin. perhaps you should ask him directly.

    3.) Answered

    4.)From 'the Free Dictionary'

    "race 1
    1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.
    2. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race. (my emphasis)
    3. A genealogical line; a lineage.
    4. Humans considered as a group.
    5. Biology
    a. An interbreeding, usually geographically isolated population of organisms differing from other populations of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits. A race that has been given formal taxonomic recognition is known as a subspecies.
    b. A breed or strain, as of domestic animals.
    6. A distinguishing or characteristic quality, such as the flavor of a wine."

    You were saying?

    5.)Nice tap dance. Now do you care to answer the question?

  14. The hypocrisy and dishonesty is appalling. Anyway:

    1. Kevin Levin and his foot-in-mouth "criticism" of the Flag is, in fact, the very subject of this post.

    2. You are well aware Levin works for a school whose student propulsion is all-white, as it has been mentioned previously, and you commented on it.

    3. A Chrisian is an adherent of Christainity. Christianity is a religion, not a race. Christians are white, black, brown, yellow, and red. Christians are American, Canadian, French, British, Italian, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Australian, etc. etc. I repeat, "white Christian" is not a race. If you employ less maladroit language, you may be able to fashion your question in a more meaningful way.

    4. When are you going to ask Levin if he is a white supremacist, and if he believes White Judaism is superior to all other races and religions on Earth?

  15. True, but Levin has no bearing in my question and simply served your argumentative ranting nature. He is irrelevant in my question to you.

    The mentioning of Kevin's school, undocumented as it was, does not put me in a position to speak for Kevin nor know the racial make-up of his school. Which is moot in this economy, teachers take jobs on availability rather than preference.

    Again, the definition speaks for itself. Many white supremacist organizations hold conflated views of British Israelism, Christian Identity and/or Odinism, sharing the belief that European Whites were among the lost tribes of Israel. Religion as a part of race as a part of white supremacy. It's pretty cut and dry. Your argument on the basis of semantics does not excuse you from the question.

    Hey Kevin! If you are reading this, are you a White Supremacist? And, do you think Judaism is superior to all other races and religions (wait a minute, I thought you said religion wasn't a race....) on Earth?

    Of course, since Levin admits he is no longer a practicing Jew, it's hard to argue that he carried a POV of its supremacy. Given the context of his blog and the usual disdain his posts carry in regards to white supremacy, whether or not he is a white supremacist is pretty easy to deduce.

    Care to stop deflecting and answer the question? What fears do you hold that prevents this simple task?

  16. Not a problem, Rob. When you stop the prohibition/lack of freedom of speech and association on college campuses, then I will tell you my real identity. I will obey your wishes. We will ignore each other on this blog. Not a problem. Enjoy.

  17. Oh robbie boi, I just saw that you called me "scared." It has nothing to do with college's lack of freedom of speech and freedom of association for tenured Conservatives for my hidden identity? Robbie boi, I am any thing but scared of you. There are a few ways we can settle your accusations...

  18. Johnny UnReconstructed,

    I'm sure there are a "few ways," but I didn't say your were scared. Unless of course you are now assuming the identity of Austin.

  19. Notice how I coupled "white Judaism" with "race and religion" to fully embrace both concepts. You however, clumsily and stupidly said "white Christian" and then announced it to be a race. And yet you persist. Maybe you're Schlick wows 'me in Appalachia, but it gets nothing done here. Despite all this, I will help you frame the question for Mr. Levin. It will go like this:

    "Kevin, I noticed that you teach at a school which has the racial composition of a segregated Jim Crow school. I also noticed you blog at Crossroads, which is also all-white. Are you a white supremacist?

  20. I wonder why robo cop wants a name? Bwooks wanted my real name too! He even thoguht I was Tim Manning! Maybe robo cop wants a name so he can try and commit a character assassination on it? robo cop, if you notice, I don't need your real name, nor do I care what your name is. So I'll just call you whatever seems to fit you at the moment. Same applies for Bwooks. Ya'll are still the same type people regardless the name you use. But again I wonder; why is a specific name so important to you? Isn't the message you read more important? Shouldn't you debate and try to kill the message instead of the messenger?

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  21. How about you ask him yourself Austin, I'm still waiting on your to get over fear of being known.

    Notice I amplified my question even more to involve the mentality of many white supremacists in the country. I cannot help it if you choose to deflect rather than to answer. But that's ok, I already know the answer. How's 18th Street treating you?

  22. @ Mike,

    I usually could care less, but since Austin/Caldwell/Jennifer Cotton/Reed/Clarissa, or whatever name said person uses this week, is already going through the steps of character assassination I thought the playing field should be leveled.

    This is especially true when this person, this idiot rather, uses multiple names on my blog, pretending to be different people in order to agree with himself. All this was done, mind you, from the same IP address...which is something he does on numerous blogs. He assassinated his own character, why should he hide in anonymity? Are you afraid to attach your own name to your words?

  23. Looks like the moronic white supremacist retard from the oh so prestigious North Georgia University of Whatever (North Georgia University- pfffft) is wildly flailing again. The troubling thing is now he appears to be not just stupid and undereducated, but a stalker as well.

  24. Thanks for attacking my school without providing your credentials. Something Corey Meyer already talked about. If this is such an issue with you (which you are wrong about) then why not put your credentials for all to see?

    I see you are continuing your deflection of the question by accusing me of being a white supremacist....and calling me a stalker. How exactly am I a stalker? Are your really that stupid?

    I'm still waiting on you to answer the question. Are you a white supremacist? Do you think the white race is the superior race in this world? Do you think the South exhibits the characteristics of a White Supremacist society, justifying your defense of it? Do you think the Christian religion is the dominant religion that helps to hoist the white race on high? It's a simple answer; yes or no. Come on, I know you can at least summon the courage to answer a simple question.

  25. It seems I am to be admonished, and most gravely, that "Corey Meyer already talked about it". Golly, this being the case, whatever am I to do? And is this, I wonder, the same Corey Meyer who works at a school which is 90 per cent white, and 1 per cent African-American? Has he, I wonder, been asked if he is a white-supremacist? And as I didn't see Mr. Levin's answer to that same question when asked of him, I do wonder if he has been assiduously stalked and an answer repeatedly demanded of him. My guess is that Meyer has not been asked, and that Levin has not been stalked. It is therefore, safe to conclude that the North Georgia schlub is a phony, grandstanding, limousine-liberal hypocrite. And quite a useless one at that.

    PS- North Georgia University is a miserable, unknown, undistinguished third-rate school. He knows it, and so do I.

  26. Still deflecting while rehashing the same untrue insults. So again, are you a white-supremacist? Do you need pictures for those words to truly understand them? How about a pop-up? Come on now, be a good dog and answer the question 18th street.

  27. The North Georgia stalker is at is agaIn. Hey widdle fella, are you stalking Levin for an answer in the same way? Schlub.

  28. Really? I'm a stalker? How so?

    I'll ask Kevin when you give me an answer. Come on boy. Tell me what I already know

  29. The North Georgia Stalker strikes again. He is swiftly moving from a creep to a freak. I think he's too fat and stupid to be dangerous though.

  30. Oh come now 18th street. Too afraid to answer?

  31. I'm a stalker? Ha ha, suuuure.

    Now come on, be a good boy and answer the question.

  32. Come now 18th street. Surely you've got better insults than that.

    Now back to the question, are you or aren't you?

  33. Here's the question freak; do you prowl the campus of North Georgia stalking the co-eds? Do you stand a little too close? Do you stare a little too long? Are you as creepy there as you are here? Stalker freak.

  34. Come now 18th Street, I'm a stalker, a freak and a creep? Your stellar use of vocab sure is boundless.

    Now, are you brave enough to answer the question? (Sources say no)

    BTW, how's the drive from Springfield to 18th Street?

  35. Hey stalker freak, I saw your comment where you hilariously referred to the case of "White v Texas"! Lol! You ignorant North Georgia retard, the case law you were groping for is "Texas v. White". Little wonder you got it wrong, given the worthless, miserable, no-name little "schools" you attended. Fat, drunk, ugly, and stupid is no way to go through life boy. Clean yourself up and lose some weight. Nothing to be done about that hideous face though. "White v Texas". What an effin bozo. Stalker freak.

  36. What are you referring to Austin? This post where I show how big of an idiot you are?

    Come on insult queen, answer the question. You know you want to. It has to be eating at you, to live behind all those lies and kindergarten insults. I'm sure you'll grow out of it someday. Now be a good boy and answer the question.

  37. "White v Texas". Lol. What a schlub.

  38. Still waiting on that answer. Of course, we all know you are too scared to answer. Just like you are too afraid to post under your real name. What a sad troll you are.

  39. Seriously, are you as pathetic and creepy at North Georgia as you are here? Stalker freak.

  40. Oh come now. I'm a stalker? You posted under several screen names on different blogs pretending to be different people. I'm a stalker? What a laugh. Come now 18th Street, answer the question. You know you want to. It's eating at you, cause in your mind, you're right. Why not defend that thought? No principles...

    Tell you what, you answer the question and next time I travel to Virginia, I'll visit you on 18th Street and buy your a coffee. Come on, what do you say

  41. Come now fat boy, answer the question. Are you as pathetic, lonely, and creepy at North Georgia ("North Georgia"-pfffft) as you are here? If you are, and it seems very obvious that you are, these pointers may be of some help to you:

    1) Lose some weight- judging from your fat bloated face, I think 40lbs should do it.

    2) Lose that foul, furry beard. No kidding, it is extremely ugly.

    3) Get a decent haircut.

    4) Learn how to dress. A formless, shapeless, ill-fitting sport coat, coupled with a hideous color scheme of brown and purple, topped off by a polyster shirt, makes you look like an oafish clown. If you must wear a sport coat instead of a suit, try camel slacks, a navy sport coat, a classic blue pinpoint button-down Oxford shirt, and a tie respecting that color scheme. That's just to start you out; I'll help with the rest as you make sartorial progress.

    5). Stop stalking people.

    Good Luck!

  42. Ha ha! It's hilarious that you are giving me fashion advice. I laugh because you are obviously color blind, and do not know the difference between a sport coat and a two color suit. In the picture you are referring to, I am wearing a two color suit. Charcoal gray jacket with black, flat front pants. It's a modern cut. The color scheme of black and dark gray works perfectly with the purple shirt and the purple, black and gray tie. None of this really matters mind you because it's just another attempt by you to turn this into a 5th grader's flame war, while running like a scared coward away from the question. IS there no bravery left in Springfield?

    Answer the question like a good boy. Are you a white supremacist?

  43. " two color suit" lol. You look like a fat, bloated, ugly, unwashed, hairy clown. And now you gutless freak, answer the question; are you as pathetic and creepy at North Georgia as you are here? Stalker freak.

  44. Backtracking from the fashion advice, smart play. I'm sure you enjoy throwing out the insults reserved for middle school, but it does not excuse you from the question.

    I am not inclined to answer any question of yours, after you have spent the past couple of days, running like a coward, to avoid my question. What's a matter? Did no one show you what honor was? Can't stand by your own principles? Tisk, tisk. It's ok, I'm sure you'll grow up one day little one.


  46. Hey hairball, used by you, the word "honor" is grotesquely degraded and reduced to a foul and filthy profanity. Stalker freak.

  47. The word "honor" when used by you, is degraded to a foul and filthy profanity. Stalker freak.

  48. Your use of the word "honor" reduces it to a foul and filthy profanity. Stalker freak.

  49. Hey fat boy, I noticed how tough you were when you thought I posted at another site. So tough, because you knew that your buddy would suppress my equally aggressive reply. Why don't you come back here where the ground is even and you can't hide behind your mommy's skirt?

    PS- The word "honor" coming from you degrades it to a foul and filthy profanity.


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