Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sometimes It Makes You Want to Throw Up

Brooks Simpson has his verbal taser-tipped cattle prod out looking to provoke somebody into a confrontation.

He sez, "Neither Hathaway nor her supporters have been forthcoming on why she’s been so silent on these matters..."

What matters?

And how does he know? Just because HE hasn't heard anything, that doesn't necessarily mean she's been silent. (There's the Crossroads Pre-schooler Mentality, again. If they don't know about it, it ain't happened. If it hasn't been posted in the comments of his flog, it ain't happened.)

This man has kept up a relentless barrage of harangue and invective against the VaFlaggers for TWO YEARS. And since the I-95 Flag Project announcement, he has harassed and intimidated them, especially Susan, almost EVERY FREAKING DAY. And he expects the Flaggers to NOTIFY him ... about ANYTHING?

Isn't that a scream?

Maybe when hell freezes over.

Nah. Not even then.

He sez,"What I must say astonishes me is that the Flaggers, who are all about free speech, say nothing about Hathaway’s free speech rights in this instance."

What instance?

"You would think that they would stand up for the free speech rights of their leader, but they don’t."

As Simpson's Crossroads Flog First Amendment Staffer, M. D. Blough, often points out, the First Amendment restricts government intervention/regulation of controversial speech and as far as I know, the feds haven't restricted the speech of any of the Flaggers, including Susan's -- yet.

"I’ve stood up for her free speech rights in this matter..."

What matter? And how have you "stood up" for her free speech rights in whatever you imagine the matter is, when the federal government has not attempted to restrict them? And why all of a sudden pretend to "stand up for her" about anything after two years of spewing verbal abuse and persecution at her and the VaFlaggers?

"... and she’s never thanked me."

Pore widdle Bwooks.... PORE WIDDLE BWOOKS....PORE WIDDLE BWOOKS.... (Cue Red Buttons): NEVah GOTta thanked.... Iddinat awful? Iddinit just awful? He's sooo put upon.

Hey, Simpson. Listen, you fraud. Keep flogging. Just keep it up. Nobody cares but your floggerette peanut gallery, and eventually, even they will get bored with your inability to draw blood, and they'll look elsewhere for juicy red lies, innuendo and character-assassination entertainment.

(Note: I am not speaking for the VaFlaggers. This post is my opinion, but I believe it is basically accurate, based on what I have learned about the VaFlaggers and their leader by some direct communication but much observation. ~Connie)


  1. What I would like to know is; why does people blindly follow whatever Bwooks says? What difference does it make to Bwooks why any person supports anything, say a Confederate flag that Bwooks is opposed too? Why don't Bwooks' own people question his motives for these things? Is Bwooks their god or something? His followers act like it. Why does Bwooks think that all people supposed to fall in line and believe and do as he thinks?
    Whatever happened to freedom? Whatever happened to the First Amendment and for people to express themselves?

    It amazes me at the number of people who blindly follow Bwooks, taking up his cause and doing his dirty work for him, like coming here and trashing others for what they believe. I don't like Martin Luther King, but I don't go round trashing everybody that likes him. Nor do I go around trying to protest every sign that has his name on it.

    You Bwooks followers have taken Bwooks' bait, hook, line and sinker and don't have a clue as to what Bwooks' underlying motives are. You are following his lead to a destination of Imperial Tyranny, where only a select few, forms an oligarchy pretending to be a democratic government, and even that democratic government is based on flawed and misconstrued logic.

    You completely fail to realize that Bwooks is working towards a collective power base, where government controls everything concerning society. This form of government is actually an anti-thesis to the form of government the usa started out with. You fail to realize that Bwooks as well as people such as James McPherson are working towards a socialistic government based upon Marxism and one of the primary groups of people opposing this are the Confederate based groups of people. Who better suited to attack than such people? The results will be far more devastating upon all of society, making it easier to pass more "Collectivist" Marxist humanist agendas.

    I think you Bwooks followers should start questioning Bwooks and his underlying motives as to why he is so obsessed with this one group of people. You mite just learn from him that he is not telling you his more private thoughts behind why he is doing what he is. He's not just doing it for the fun of it. Nor is it a game to me. Maybe it is to you Bwooks followers, who is doing his dirty work for him?

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  2. The profound ignorance and blatantly dishonesty routinely exhibited by Bwooks and the Floggers is truly breathtaking. Yesterday, for example, I completely lost patience with stupid Al Mackey. Do you know that that buffoon, during a debate, arrogantly claimed, in order to deny that the States seceded from the AoC, that there was no Union of States under the Articles of Confederation. This, despite the fact that the AoC EXPLICITLY uses the term UNION no fewer than 4 specific times! Not to mention that the Federalist Papers also quite explicitly refer to the UNION of the AoC. And yet this contemptible oafish dunce insists that there was
    no Union under the AoC. The difficulty is in the fact that we generally come prepared for honest debate and
    discussion, while their dishonesty, on every conceivable topic, is limitless. Need to be constantly aware of that, otherwise their ceaseless lies can indeed make one

  3. "You fail to realize that Bwooks as well as people such as James McPherson."

    What does Brooks think of the very famous Southern author Shelby Foote, as opposed to McPherson? I've read that Foote was a liberal Southern guy but he still gets tarred as a neo-Confederate for that trilogy of the CW books he published.

    Where does Brooks send his kids to school? Is it a public one? Or one of the 1% ranked ultra elite private schools like the Exeter academy he attended? Where teenage black kids only get in on just the basis of affirmative action? An acronym for Phillips-Exeter is PEA, and all it needs for a complete quick description of itself is to add + "brains" on the end.

  4. Connie,
    I have no intention other than to portray Bwooks Simpson for the Bart Simpson he is. Or should I say Marxist, and I can prove it by his actions and beliefs just, as I have proven it to a point concerning Baker and Corey. They are all Marxists and their intent is evil. They are not here for the fun of it, nor is Bwooks trying to be honest or non-biased in anyway.

    Give me enuff room and enuff time and I'll hang'em all with their own words and thoughts. However you immediate results will be the Bwooks minions coming here will quit responding to me and eventually posting on your boards. If you so desire I will refrain from writing in such a way that discourages them from spewing their venom here. But they will report back to Bwooks, and Bwooks himself, I am sure, will visit or is visiting your blog here.

    I just read Bwooks commentary on Billy Bearden and the so called black general. I'll give credit where credit is due, and in this case, from what I know and understand, ole Bwooks has a case against what Billy wrote. Billy simply should delve into such gray areas and take such responsibilities upon himself, thinking his generalizations will not be questioned. There was simply no need for Billy's commentary on that general.

    However I can say this, ole Bwooks is not correcting Billy just because he was wrong. Bwooks lets such things go un-noticed unless he can profit from it. So, ole Bwooks is so anti-Southern and anti-Confederate he couldn't resist trying to associate Billy and his mistake, making it appear this is the normal routine of the VA Flaggers or Southerners - Confederates in general. No ole Bwooks is trying to associate one with the other in order that the whole be hurt by what is said by one person, with ole Bwooks merely making reference of the facts. It is only his attempt at trying to discredit a larger group.

    Bwooks you have failed in your efforts again! You do not fool me! I know what your ultimate goals are and it ain't gonna work. You are only going to destroy your own self in the end. I am waiting for you with baited breath! Come and see!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  5. Would anybody say that Brooks is as bad as that liberal Massachusettes professor who lied about his Vietnam Veterans service, Joseph Ellis?

  6. Shouldn't freedom of speech include the freedom NOT to speak if one is so inclined ?
    Actions speak louder than words, and despite all of Simpson's bellyaching, taunts, petitions, and all the other Hooo Haw he has generated, The flag is still going up ! Susan's action's and those of the flagger's will be around long after Simpson's words are in the dusty cyber archives.
    I wonder if he will try the same tactic when the next flag go's up ?
    Keep yammerin Simpson, keep Yammerin---

  7. The narcissism of Professor Babbling Brooks never ceases to amaze me.

  8. C. W.
    Bwooks is a true genius in his own mind. While it will be easy to hang Bwooks with his own words and actions, we must actually show what lies in Bwooks soul, in his deepest thoughts. This is relatively easy except it takes quit a bit of explaining in showing people.

    Basically the mistake is this: Karl Marx being the greatest of all social engineering philosophers, writing his volumes of information on brainwashing and propagandizing society, omitted one major detail, which is actually the flaw and mistake that will destroy Marxism and all its' forms.

    Marx was an atheist Jew(Actually Khazar as real Jews only practice Judaism.) He did not believe that man possessed a soul or spirit. Therefore Marx did not believe in sin or evil, nor does the Marxist philosophy ever begin to try and account for it. Therefore the common mistake is that anyone espousing any form of Marxism, even if they claim some sort of higher authority, they must rely on coercion, bribery and force to change public opinion as well as each individual's beliefs and principles.

    To accomplish this Marxists must at least control the media and educational systems. Bwooks is ONLY fulfilling his role as a *Revisionist Court Historian* in order to further those Marxist goals, and he has much power with his educational position. Sadly such people has had years to brainwash and propagandize many decades of students through public education.

    I suggest that anyone simply ask Bwooks his thoughts on Marxism. socialism, Globalism, Fabian marxism/socialism and fascism(fascism is a form of Marxism.) And you see for yourselves what Bwooks tells you. Of course he is gonna put his best spin on his explanation. Ask him about the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto all being practiced int he usa today, while you're at it. Like I said earlier, James McPherson has already proclaimed himself to be an avowed socialist. Of which this means he's already telling you he is revising history.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  9. Why hasn't Bwooks latest post been addressed about the flag? Here is part of what he had to say, "I recall saying that at least flying what some call “the soldiers’ flag” — the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia — would at least strengthen the argument that this was about heritage, because it’s the Confederate navy jack that is most often associated with opposition to civil rights for African Americans in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Looks like they followed my advice again. Maybe I should declare victory."

    No Bwooks you have NO victory! You see Darling, you made your statements out of malice and sarcasm, not out of generosity. It was your way to denounce and poke fun at those you despise. So you proclaim your self-righteousness by proclaiming your victory prematurely.

    One more thing, that last comment in your quote above; Before the 1970's it was YOUR usa rag flag that was used almost exclusively by the KKK and NAZI types. You can look at practically any old news footage and see what flags they are carrying for yourself. Sorry Darling, you've goofed again... I've caught you in another mistake. What does that make the score now; 5/0 my favor? Keep on trying ole fart, you mite eventually get lucky....

    Here's looking at you Chump!

    Ooops you see all kinds of flags in this modern era video.

    This is strange for people like Bwooks, Corey and Baker. Who and what represents what flag? You tell me?

    How many more ya'll Darlings want me to post?

    My point IS, any flag is what you as any individual makes of it. You cannot force your concepts of what YOU think it is upon others, and to coerce others into believing your view on a matter is wrong also. You are manipulating others for YOUR gain!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur


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