Monday, September 16, 2013

Unity -- Floggerette Style

"Diversity and Inclusion for the Commonwealth of Virginia," sez their website. Except there's no inclusion for people who honor Confederate soldiers and their flag. Not diverse enough? Or too diverse?

"Say 'NO' to the Interstate 95 Confederate Flag" it sez -- a rejection (the opposite of inclusion) of diversity.


Graphic composited by C. Ward with images from


  1. A plethora of white, shiny faces. Looks like the photo could have been taken over at Crossroads. Maybe it was taken at Mr. Kevin Levin's school? Is it a photograph of the Gilbert, Arizona, Chamber of Commerce? Or was it taken at Corey Meyers' school? Perhaps it is the research team from one of Mr. Hall's Marine Archeology enterprises? It is just so hard to tell the difference. I wonder if Matt Heimbach would approve of the ethnic composition?

  2. I see that "RVA United" refers to the anti-flag petition as "our petition."

    So it's their baby.

    Does the RVA endorse all the threats of violence on their petition?

  3. Border Ruffian, you ought to see all the arrogance-&-intolerance exhibited by the diversity-&-inclusion crowd at the RVA Citizens Facebook community.

  4. Ha, Austin. The "diversity crowd" actually abhors diversity, if it is mental or cognitive diversity. To them, diversity means physical (different skin colors) or behavioral (approving sodomy). But don't dare exercise diversity of THOUGHT or BELIEF or OPINION. The tolerant do not tolerate that.

    And although the white, shiny faces in my graphic are physical, they represent the mental clonehood of the diversity-&-inclusion crowd.

  5. Connie, I agree entirely, and I certainly understand the allegorical implications. My own view, at the risk of redundancy, is that every time these miserable hypocrites go on one of their farcical racist witch-hunts, they need to be reminded that they lead lives that the "racists" would enthusiastically endorse.

    PS-the photo in the other thread was of a panic-stricken mob in a wild scramble to get out of the water; it would have actually been very funny had the photo been accessible :)
    You are more than welcome to fix it if you can.

  6. I saw the photo in the other thread. Your presentation was hilarious, btw. The whole flogger subculture is hilarious.

  7. Well Bwooks asks this question the other day,
    "Do you prefer Richmond divided ... or ... Richmond united?"

    Personally I choose neither. I say let everyone choose what they want for themselves instead of forcing everyone to be one way or the other. Bwooks is only causing division and contention where there shouldn't be any.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  8. Unity? Good or bad depending on who/what are uniting....

    "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"

    That's talking about Christians with pagans, heathens, etc. But the principle is universal.

    Why, for example, would a person of integrity want to unite with, oh, I dunno, thieves, arsonists, psychotics, sociopaths....

    Why should those of Confederate heritage unite with people who hate them, their history, heritage and culture, and their kin and forebears?

    Answer: They shouldn't.


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