Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Challenge to Kat McNeal

Kat McNeal, the voice of Active RVA, whose name is Amber, I believe (but I'm not certain), sez on Facebook: "The Virginia Flaggers (group pictured) have friendly ties to  ... Connie Chastain, who has no organization affiliation that I know of but mirrors their ideology perfectly ('the white race has contributed more to society than any other,' 'ban mosques and deport all Muslims,' that kind of shit)..."

Now, I'm a secessionist, and even I have more respect for the United States than those who wish to see it dominated and then destroyed by an insane ideology bent on world domination -- and that is Islam, folks. Kat is apparently a feminist. One wonders what she thinks of the Islamic treatment of women...  Oh well, if there's one thing that's consistent about left-liberals, it is their embrace of cognitive dissonance. 

But here's my challenge to McNeal. Apparently, her phrase,"the white race has contributed more to society than any other" is a misstatement of a meme I've posted on this blog before.  Here's an updated version. Note that the wording is a verbatim copy of the first meme. The colors and design are changed to better showcase the new book cover.

My challenge to Kat is twofold.

First, state the meme accurately ... not "the white race" but "white people"; and not "society" but "the whole human race."

Second, prove it wrong. Please note, saying, "That's a racist statement!" or "You're a racist!" is not proof. Now, I know you can't prove a negative, but you can prove this wrong by identifying another group  or groups that has/have done more for the human race than white people.

Do it, Kat. Name them and their accomplishments. 

Try to do it before hell freezes over.



  1. This is the most ridiculous post that I've read in a while. Southern pride totes liberty and freedom of expression, but when a mysterious blogger states her opinion about our modern day Confederates, all of a sudden, her words are literally challenged? Challenge to you my Pro-Confederate friend---are you able to talk about a difference of opinion without point the finger at liberalism, feminism, or my favorite...without calling your opponent beneath you? Heaven forbid we treat people the same as we treat ourselves in conversation, with dignity and respect. It sucks having to defend concepts that aren't based in fact; for example, that people of Muslim faith are all jihad-terrorists, but I think you might learn a thing or two about humanity if you try.

  2. Well, the mysterious blogger didn't just state her opinion about "modern day Confederates." She mentioned ME by name. And, yes, I'm challenging what she said.

    I can discuss differences of opinion without reference to feminism or liberalism -- IF they are not pertinent. But if they are, I will certainly reference them. I didn't sat anybody is "beneath" me.

    I have no need to defend the concept that people of Muslim faith are all jihad-terrorists because I haven't made such a claim. I plainly referenced the IDEOLOGY of Islam. World domination is a tenet and goal of Islam, regardless of whether individual Muslims believe in it or not; and the people who Islam victimizes the most are ... Muslims. And that's a fact, Jack.


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