Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur, THIS...

... has nothing to do with the Virginia Flaggers. It is dishonest of you in the extreme to say that it does.

Rob sez, "That’s right 'Toad,' be considerate and turn that profane music down. Those people are trying to wave racially and religiously divisive symbols over there. [sarcasm]"

Sorry, the fake sarcasm tag does not change the fact that you are lying about the VaFlaggers. Maybe YOU choose to characterize the flag that way, but do NOT indulge yourself in the leftist tactic of substituting YOUR perception for other people's intention. That is a form of lying.
Rob sez, "The Flaggers’ strongest argument against the counter protest, is that the rap music used on the streets of Richmond uses profanity. This is a hypocritical argument coming from these Southern Heritage advocates."

I have made no such argument, didn't mention profanity. Didn't use the word at all. I said FILTH, and that's what it is. 
Bakur also sez, "Cursing, to me, has nothing to do with moral scruples as Connie Chastain alludes to." I didn't mention cursing, either. I said FILTH.

Interesting that Rob would have no problem with lyrics that show extreme disrespect for women, black folks, police officers, law and order, the language, honor, and sheer decency.

Also, the time I've spent to link Bakur to “rap music" is vanishingly small. My article about the filthy lyrics Goad was playing is 999 words long.  Fourteen of those words are about Baker's roommate...

Again, not that any of this is of great importance to me ... except to show the, um, level of integrity of those who hate the VaFlaggers.


  1. The lyrics use the dehumanizing term "niggers" 25 times and the degrading and misogynistic term "bitches" a half a dozen more times, and yet it is the Flag that is "divisive". Baker is such a lying little scumbag.

  2. Rob tells me, "You are suggesting that those lyrics are "filth" while they are empowerment to others."

    Empowerment, huh...I have to wonder just how "empowering" filth can be ... and to what end?

  3. Empowerment?

    Um, could someone please explain to me exactly how reducing human beings to verbs like the n-word (even in a different context) and the b-word can possibly "empower" anyone or be perceived as "art" in any way?

    I cannot lower my own IQ to lower double-digits to keep up with Rob Baker, so any attempt to grasp it from his perspective on my part would neither be possible, nor conductive to my own emotional and psychological health.

  4. I have no doubt that the lyrics are empowering to racists, misogynists, and other assorted hatemongers.

  5. I stood by the counter protestors one day. The lyrics not only continuously repeated the f-word many times, but also alluded to rough sex. Is that appropriate?


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