Monday, April 21, 2014

Odds & Ends -- April 21, 2014

What did William Porcher Miles REALLY say about the battle flag design?

Andy Hall sez, "The Confederate Battle Flag also was designed by William Porcher Miles explicitly to avoid a religious symbolism..." (emphasis added)

Well, not exactly.

In a letter to General Beauregard dated August 27, 1861, Miles said of the battle flag design, "This was my favorite. The three colors of red, white, and blue were preserved in it. It avoided the religious objection about the cross (from the Jews and many Protestant sects), because it did not stand out so conspicuously as if the cross had been placed upright thus."

Avoided NOT the "religious symbolism" but the religious OBJECTION about the cross.  The cross as designed did not STAND OUT SO CONSPICUOUSLY as an upright cross, but it was STILL a cross. In fact, Miles uses the term THE cross.

He goes on to say, "Besides, in the form I proposed, the cross was more heraldic than ecclesiastical..." NOT that it was NOT ecclesiastical AT ALL --  just that it was MORE HERALDIC..

Do you think Andy's gonna correct his claim? Is grass plaid? Is the pope Hindu?

 You can pretty much always expect the Confederacy haters to withhold something -- truth.


The Old Dominion welcomes home its Travelin' Flagger. I know she's glad to be home, too!


Drone Strike on Bundy Ranch?

Ya know how neo-Confederates and conservative Tea Party types are soooooo VIOLENT, and always urging violence, according to Floggers and their ilk? And good, tolerant liberals are SO OPPOSED to violence? At least, that's what floggers and other leftists would have everyone believe.

You'll never see condemnation of this from Flogger types -- or if you do, it might be wise to check the temperature in Hell.

Of course, the floggers say they don't comment on current news and issues like this because it's not "civil war related." Never mind that they post OTHER non-civil war related stuff from time to time. What they DON'T post is anything that refutes the idea that conservatives are the spawn of Satan and liberals are pure as the driven snow....

How-some-ever, what's happened, and happening, with the Bundy ranch situation and other BLM issues might be more, um, civil war-related than people realize at present.


Confederate Murderers -- the new flogger evilization meme. Very useful for drumming up hatred for Confederates and those who honor them today....


Commenter Eddie informs me, "Miss Connie, Mr. Furguson's - Not War, But Murder is about the 1864 battle at Cold Harbor. More a criticism of Grant's repeated and futile frontal assaults than it is of Confederates."

Thanks for the correction, Eddie.  My apologies to my readers for the error.

Battle flag photo by Judy Smith.


  1. Very well said Connie.
    These people are complete hypocrites and I'm glad there are people around who call them on their BS.

  2. Hall has very real limitations. If the topic is something other than obscure swamps or very old boats, he usually doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. As far as the whole "war as murder" theme goes, it amounts to no more than annoying, childish, and unimaginative whining. It is tired , and it has been played out. Boo-flippin-hoo.

    played out.

  3. Hall telling the truth or making a factual post? Are you kidding?????

  4. Miss Connie, Mr. Furguson's - Not War, But Murder is about the 1864 battle at Cold Harbor. More a criticism of Grant's repeated and futile frontal assaults than it is of Confederates.

  5. Thanks for letting me know that, Eddie. I'm glad to stand corrected on that.


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