Thursday, April 17, 2014

Context, Schmontext....

Kevin Levin sez, "Whine and complain all you want, but the reason the symbols and stories that you care most about are slowly disappearing is that you have not made a compelling case to maintain them in public spaces. Blame yourselves."

Total and utter bullcrap. They are disappearing because they are the target of a concerted and orchestrated campaign of purgation by the forces of liberalism and leftism that acquired almost irresistible power in this country subsequent to World War II.  This campaign has occurred during my adult lifetime, and I have witnessed both its actions and its results.


  1. Exactly why levin carefully selects what is posted to his blog. he loves surpressing the truth.

  2. They may have been suppressed but they are far from disappearing. Indeed right now we are seeing some real pushback against cultural ethnic cleansing.

  3. What they haven't figured out yet -- or what they're barely starting to figure out, and it makes them livid -- is that when a Confederate flag gets removed from a public building, it goes up in a very public place on private land. And it's going to keep happening as long as the war against Confederate visibility continues.

  4. Kevin's full of Horse Hockey.
    The disappearance of all things Confederate has nothing to do with the
    lack of a compelling case.
    Any and all arguments to save the memory comes "AFTER" they have been removed.
    Yeeeeesh !


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