Sunday, April 27, 2014

Floggosphere Reacts to "Racism"

Somebody (who may or may not beconnected to Southern heritage) used the term "colored" or "Negro" instead of "African-American" and the usual suspects at the usual flogs reacted in the usual way ... cuz dat be racis', don'tcha know.

Flogger "outrage" over "racism"


  1. I wish they would come after me,I will rip them a new one. Check out the name of this website--

    You read it right NEGROES IN GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW what in the devil is an African American? Can he or she be white??

  2. I think the one waving her arm at the other one is B Parks.

  3. Left-wingers are race baiters. It's in their blood. It's as natural to them as breathing.

    Really, they just can't help it.

  4. This is very, very funny, and, as it happens, the white bloggers at Crossroads have whipped themselves into yet another hate-filled frenzy. This time their fury is the result of a speech given by an unidentified Southern Nationalist. One poster bitterly complains that in their demand for political independence, the Confederates systematically denied liberty to those of "dark skin". He does not, of course, mention the fact that the same is to be said of the slave-owning, slave-trafficking Founding Fathers. Still another poster protests the fact that the sentiments of Southerners loyal to the United States were disregarded. He does not, of course, mention that the same is true of the colonists who remained loyal to the Crown. Then we have a few posters who proclaim the Southern Nationalist speaker is "radical", and a "loon". One wonders if these dolts have ever read the fiery and violent independence speeches of Patrick Henry.

    But remember, for them it's about hate, not history.

    1. Someone should post this over at Crossroads--

      Mr. Lincoln’s Reply in the Alton Joint Debate.

      Now, irrespective of the moral aspect of this question as to whether there is a right or wrong in enslaving a negro, I am still in favor of our new Territories being in such a condition that white men may find a home—may find some spot where they can better their condition—where they can settle upon new soil, and better their condition in life_ I am in favor of this not merely (I must say it here as I have elsewhere) for our own people who are born amongst us, but as an outlet for free white people everywhere, the world over—in which Hans, and Baptiste, and Patrick, and all other men from all the world, may find new homes and better their condition in life.

  5. Whoa I just got a notification that Tupac Baker has made another post referencing music!

    This time it is the Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" as if that some has something to do with race! One would think TuPac would do a litttle bit of reserach on the lyrics before he posts a song to support his hate filled agenda. Not Tupac is deaf and in a daze from listening to loud rap music.

    His current post "From The Holler" sorta reminds me of his argument that the song Dixie is filled with fifthy language. Of course he never posted one fifthy word from that song and left my blog in a huff.

    I am beginning to thik Tupack Baker is trying to make up some ground for something in his ancestors past or he really hates being white. Oh well doesn't matter. Maybe next time you want to post a song that shows how evil whites are, you could use Brown Sugar by the Stones. This song makes a mention of (New England) slave treaders and Southern Slave owners. Baker could it be you are like the slave owner and love that "Brown Sugar?"


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