Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Don't the Floggers Find This Offensive?

You would think that the anti-Confederate, South-hating Civil War Bloggers would issue a clear statement condemning the segregation which these Gann Academy teens apparently enjoy at their prom. I particularly note the lack of African-American, Hispanic and Asian faces among the jovial crowd. The hugs and hand gestures add a nice touch to the exclusivity of the attendees.

Yep, the future of selective school segregation is in very capable hands.
Yes, gentle readers, the snippet above is a rip-off of Levin's Why Doesn't the SCV Find This Offensive? post at CW Memory.

I note that Levin hasn't (yet) joined in the flogger outrage at Simpson's and Mackey's flogs over a miniscule number of segregated proms and private prom parties in the South recently reported in the news. As of this writing, I also haven't seen any comments by Corey at either flog, but you'd think both he and Levin would have an interest in this, being has how they are both high school teachers, and proms are related to, well, high school.

Maybe a look at these photos will give us a clue...

Gann Academy Prom Photos, 2013
(Gann Academy is where Levin teaches)

Putnam County High School Prom Pictures, 2011
(This is where Corey teaches. I couldn't find anything more recent, but who imagines the demographics of this school have changed much in three years?)

Just remember the anti-Confederate, south-hating mantra flogger, folks.  "It's okay when WE do it."

Or maybe it's that the truth hurts....

* * * * *

In other news, Al Mackey refuses to provide substantiation for this statement he made on his flog: "If I’m not mistaken, Mr. John C. Hall has a close affiliation with the Virginia Flaggers, having been credited with helping to found the organization."

No link showing who credited John Hall thusly, no substantiation of his "close association" with the Virginia Flaggers.

What really takes the cake is his running scared from my request for substantiation, claiming that it is MY responsibility to prove or disprove what HE has claimed.

Comment exchange between him and me at his flog:
Connie Chastain -- Document/substantiate this please: “Mr. John C. Hall has a close affiliation with the Virginia Flaggers, having been credited with helping to found the organization.”

Al Mackey --  So then are you denying he has close ties to the flaggers? I’d like to know if I was mistaken.

Connie Chastain -- How is it a denial to ask you to confirm something you said? So then are you going to substantiate it? Link to info confirming it?

Al Mackey --  So then you’re not denying it? In that case, my confirmation is your confirmation of it.

Connie Chastain -- I’m neither denying nor confirming. I’m asking YOU to substantiate something YOU claimed, which is neither a denial nor a confirmation of anything. Are you having difficulty processing that?

 Al Mackey -- I’ve asked for correction. Since you are not giving a correction, that seems to be good enough substantiation to me.

Connie Chastain --  Ridiculous. If I tried that kind of cockamamie logic on you, you’d have a hissy fit. You made a statement.The burden of proof is on you. It’s not up to me to provide correction, confirmation, denial or anything else. It is up to you to substantiate what you claimed. If you can’t link to some proof, just say so.
Al Mackey    -- So this is your fourth comment on this and you have yet to deny it. So I’d say that pretty much confirms it.

Connie Chastain --  It’s not my responsibility to deny it (or confirm it). Now, provide the substantiation FOR WHAT YOU CLAIMED or admit you don’t have it and stand before everyone as either dishonest or extremely careless.
Is that not an absolute scream, folks? Weasel, weasel, weasel.  What he's doing is commiting the logical fallacy of shifting the burden of proof: 
Shifting the burden of proof is a kind of logical fallacy in argumentation whereby the person who would ordinarily have the burden of proof in an argument attempts to switch that burden to the other person.
"The burden of proof lies with someone who is making a claim, and is not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render that claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever."
Austin is right. Al Mackey is a fraud and a liar. And not only that, a coward. He's not man enough to own up to posting a claim he cannot prove.


  1. Mackey is an outrageous fraud, a magnificent liar, a complete hypocrite, and a total phony. Everything about him is so blatantly dishonest. And the above exchange is really just the tip of the iceberg. Think Al is gonna get after Levin for the segregation being practiced at Gann? Pfffft....


  3. Ms. Connie, I went to BS here in Texas in the eighties. The school held a prom. But there were also privately sponsored proms. This had to do with music preferences, rather than race. The wealthy kids, of course, had their prom at
    the country club. Nobody called this "class discrimination." The fact is, private proms are a tradition here in Dixie. Yankees, being more collectivist, don't understand this. They tend to deal with things and people as distant abstractions. Rather than as practical realities.

  4. Plus this is unfair Connie. Al Mackey has already explained that the Gann Academy can't teach admit and educate black children because of "legal and insurance reasons". Don't you know anything?

  5. "Scotsman Al" has always been a joke. I'm surprised he let your comments through, his usual practice is to ban any comment that challenges him. Or maybe he's so dumb he thought he was making a persuasive rebuttal.

    1. -- and doesn't anyone know that Black Spring Break begins this weekend on the Mississippi Gulf Coast? Well It does. When is Mackey gonna post that? I mean we still have that terrible 1890 Mississippi flag with the Confederate Battleflag in the canton. Also anyone cruisin' down HWY 90 must pass Beauvior. GASP!!!!! You know that is the home of that mean old Jefferson Davis!!!

      Be surprised if there is a problem.

      George Purvis
      Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education


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