Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Happened....

...to Spe-lunk-ing's post on the infamous amplifier-kicking incident?

I visited it a few days ago... had all kinds of images and photos, and lots of important text....Lots. More than I had time to read at the time. So I bookmarked it for later reading. I go back tonight and ... IT'S GONE!

He seems zeroed in on Matt Heimbach and the League of the South right now. As far as I know, you don't HAVE to take down previous blog entries to put up new ones. I didn't see any explanation for why the previous one was gone.

It's just ... gone. Sure would be interesting to know why Spe-lunk-ing felt it necessary to take it down....

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  1. The more I think of this, the curioser I get. Spe-lunk-ing was the one who identified the amp-kicker as (1) a KKK-er and (2) a VaFlagger. The removed post spent a lot of time, words and images to make that connection. Why take it down? Did he find out something different, that contradicted his "research" or disproved his conclusions? Inquiring minds wanna know!


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