Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simpson Wannabe "Spelunker" Tiptoes ...

...Through Facebook   

I wondered how long it would take before Simpson put a Facebook thread about the demands to remove flags from the chapel at Washington and Lee University on his flog, but it looks like somebody has beat him to it. Spelunker cherry picked certain comments and posted on his blog a screen shot of each followed by a typed version of the text, rather than screen shooting the whole thread.

It appears that combing the net for juicy white nationalist "news" and photos is a hobby of his. That's what can happen when you spend too much time in cold, dark, dank caves...

I would put him on my list of floggers to monitor, but this Simpson wannabe is an anonymous amateur so I'm not really interested... yet. We'll see how he comes along....

What I find most interesting, however, is that like most floggers most of the time, he ignores substantive comments or questions and doesn't even attempt to answer them. Like this one from the FB thread by yours truly:
So, when they started the movement, why do you suppose they didn't tell us that changing what they don't like was part of the plan from the getgo?

Civil rights, as a subset of the leftist takeover and remaking of America, was about changing, tearing down the existing culture, from the start, not about being accepted and becoming a part of it. School names, school mascots, street names, flags, monuments ... all targets.

And Kevin Levin doesn't believe there is systematic targeting of Confederate symbols, heritage and history.

Ah, yes, Kevin, Spelunker and all you floggers. It is a subset of the eradication and replacement of America itself, and apparently something flogger-types approve of.

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  1. The Civil Rights Movement, the original struggle for equality, began as a noble enterprise. There was much that needed to be changed: inequal pay, Jim Crow did not live up to the "separate but equal" idea and thus it outlived its place in American society.
    But that being said, with more power came corruption and those who took charge of the movement changed with their acquisition of power, became corrupt like all human endeavors.
    The people who control this movement today are not interested in equality, at least not the concept of it accepted by most people.


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