Thursday, April 3, 2014

Simpson Sez....

That’s Connie for you. She’s up to 44 posts on me in 2014. :)
He didn't document the 44 posts about him, so the claim remains just a claim. If it's an accurate figure, though, what he's doing is admitting to 44 attacks by him or his floggerettes on Southern heritage in 2014. Because my posts about Simpson, his blog, his flogger buddies and their floggerette peanut galleries are always a report on, or a response to, THEIR ATTACKS -- usually on Southern heritage and its defenders.

I keep a list of his posts and/or comments lying about, attacking, denigrating and persecuting the Virginia Flaggers in the left sidebar. <------  (Scroll down.) Maybe I need to start keeping a list of the same on Southern heritage in general.

Nah. We already know that's what his blog exists for, and what makes life worthwhile for him.

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