Friday, April 4, 2014

My new computer's ready... new computer's ready, my new computer's ready, I'm picking it up today, I'm picking it up today, I'm picking it up today!!!!!

Now for the learning curve .... and the porting over all my software and data ...


I can't believe I forgot to tell my computer guy to put a wifi card in my new mo-chine. Now I'll have to buy one of those little USB stick wifi cards. Oh, well... meantime, the porting over will continue, and  I'll keep getting online with my decrepit laptop.

And after the wifi stick -- one of THESE!

   UPDATE 2   UPDATE  2   UPDATE  2   UPDATE 2   UPDATE 2   

Last night, I decided to see if I could network my old, decrepit XP laptop with my shiny, new, smoking hot, blazing fast Win 7 machine, and get online with it. I had to set up a home network but it worked. The only problem, when I try to set up file sharing, to see if I can bring my data over from the laptop, it knocks out the laptop's connection to the wireless router.  Oh, well.... Anyway, I'm online this way on my new machine until get a stick wifi card.

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