Friday, April 18, 2014

Oh, the Righteous Indignation!

About my Notice in the right sidebar, Simpson sez, "At first, this made absolutely no sense, except to exhibit just how sick and strange Connie Chastain is. After all, who else would think these sorts of things, and who else would display such bizarre logic?"

Well, liberals display that kind of "bizarre logic" all the time. In fact, that is precisely the logic behind his hinting that I share the views of Glenn Miller. Oh, sure, he tried to weasel out of it but everyone understood that's what he meant.
 Maybe she can spend some time telling us how her views differ from those of Glenn Miller.  (And, to a commenter): Your responses imply that I think they are identical. I haven’t said that. Nor have I said that she voices them the same way.
The weaseling shown above is just another example of his gooey glibness. He purposely evokes certain ideas, but couches them in wording that he can later claim is simply innocent observation.

But let's look at his self-defense a bit more closely. He denied SAYING it, but he didn't deny THINKING it, and I believe that's exactly his thought, and he was trying to give other people the same idea. Otherwise, why even bring up Glenn Miller?

Ask yourself that. What was his point in in bringing up Glenn Miller in a post about me?

And he's complaining about my plot for a thriller/suspense novel? Man, he can dish it out, but he sure can't take it

That is also the "logic" behind his accusations of racism and white supremacy aimed at the VaFlaggers, based on a few incidental contacts they've had with one or two individuals, and based on Flogger creative mis-interpretation of various things individual VaFlaggers have said.

In any case, Simpson thinks my story is simply an idea to write about violence against Southern heritage folks in order to make money. It isn't. (If making money was my only reason for writing, I would write stories that trash the South and white Southerners; New York editors love that kind of story...)  There are, of course, countless authors, some of them very big-name authors, who make a lot of money writing about violence (and trashing the South). One wonders if Simpson has a problem with them, or if he reserves his disapproval for writers who portray proSoutherners as targets of violence.

We already know he disapproves of the notion of white Southerners being victimized by false accusation, even in fiction. Actually, he disapproves of the notion that white Southerners can be victims at all**, just as he appears to be allergic to the idea that minorities can be the victimizers. That is what happens when you view people through the lens of political correctness.

My view is that all humanity falls short, and that people from every color, sex, race, nationality and religion, etc., do both good and evil.

In any case, the idea for Gone South grew from many sources, notably some of the comment threads on news sites that followed Confederate flag or monument stories, or civil war articles -- and, yes, from gratuitous Flogger attacks on the VaFlaggers. What's interesting about Simpson's post is the notion that I think writing about "attempts commit violent acts on Confederate heritage advocates" would be “fuh-huh-hunnnn to write.”

Ah, no. It's clear from my blog post that what's going to be fuh-huh-hunnnn to write about are the circumstances that goad a sicko to violence. Obviously, Simpson knows this, and that's why he has to purposely say, "That’s right … she thinks writing about attempts to commit violent acts on Confederate heritage advocates would be 'fuh-huh-hunnnn to write,'" to make sure his readers put his spin on it. Otherwise, they might take it the way I meant it...

What's just as funny is Liberty Lamprey's comments. My challenge to the "young VCU grad student" is "picking on"? How is it picking on somebody to ask them to prove what they say?  What's funnier than THAT, is that s/he calls me "twisted" -- this from a person, remember, with a death fetish plastered all over his/her Twitter feed....

I have to wonder about his/her use of the word "derangement." I mean, to think you can describe the offline life of someone you don't even know ... that's sounds deranged, to me. And if s/he really thinks my book covers are trashy (or that my books are), I have to wonder about his/her concept of "trashy." Presumably, the filthy lyrics of the "music" Goad Gatsby plays isn't trashy to him/her. I guess, in that case, my books are trashy because they depict marital fidelity (Southern Man) and not returning evil for evil (Sweet Southern Boys). What a perfect example of how upside down our culture has become under the destructive influence of leftism.

In any case, I do sincerely believe Brooks Simpson wishes misfortune upon Southern heritage folks, in particular, the VaFlaggers. He has already attempted to have Susan Hathaway lose her job and livelihood. Couple that blatant attempt with over two years of his relentless drumming up hatred for the VaFlaggers, and I have ample reason for my belief.

**Tell that to the families of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, or Eve Carson, or Lauren Burk, or Antonio West.... Of course, with race-obsessed leftists, these murders are of lesser importance than, say, the murder of Emmett Till.


  1. Pardon my ignorance, but who the heck is Glen Miller? I'm assuming you are not speaking of the band leader?

  2. Frazier Glenn Miller., aka Glenn Cross, is the man who went on a shooting spree outside a Jewish center in Kansas. That is who Simpson is insinuating I have some kind of link to:

    Kansas City Shooting Suspect


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