Friday, April 18, 2014

Just Sayin'

From my blog's visitor log....
Hmmm...  Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur is a teacher at that school. D'ya suppose I'm part of the curriculum?


  1. The thing about this, is that if Baker had discovered this information about his adversary, he is exactly the type of cheap shot asshole who would contact Collins Hill High School to report the abuse of both the School's and the Countie's resources.

  2. You're 100% right, Austin.

  3. Hummm at

    Baker's post implies he teaches at ----- "Rob Baker
    Actual Historian, Carson-Newman College, B.A. (now Carson-Newman University) and North Georgia College and State University, “The Military College of Georgia,” M.A.T., M.A. (now University of North Georgia)"

  4. He teaches at Collins Hill High School, in Suwanee, Ga.

    1. Thank you. A high school history teacher!!!! No darn wonder he doen't know sheep s*** from shinola


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