Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ft. Pillow in the Floggosphere

Simpson, Hall and their peanut gallery floggerettes are bellyaching and bemoaning Confederate violence at Ft. Pillow. I left a comment at each blog which, of course, will not be posted:

 "War is hell."  ~W.T. Sherman


Simpson actually posted my comment, and followed it with his usual, typical lies. Sez he:
And so Connie Chastain now sanctifies war atrocities. What a surprise. However, Connie, you might recall Sherman’s actual comment, delivered in 1879 at a commencement at a military academy:

(Sherman's arse-covering snipped)
Simpson continues:
Sherman would later return to this theme at a veterans’ reunion in 1880:
(More of Sherman's arse-covering snipped)
Simpson concludes: Sherman doesn’t celebrate atrocity and cold-blooded murder, as you do: he deplores it.

I have not celebrated and do not celebrate atrocity and cold-blooded murder; Simpson knows this so he knows he's lying, but when has that ever stopped him?

I simply quoted the orderer of murders and master arsonist of the Union Army.

Note that Sherman, practicing an early form of political correctness, "deplored"  it way, way, way after the fact, in 1879 and 1880 when, actually, HE ORDERED, INSTIGATED AND PARTICIPATED IN ATROCITY AND COLD-BLOODED MURDER during the war itself.

Illustrating  yet another cornerstone of the yankee (and flogger) mentality -- do as I say, not as I do.


  1. Actually, Andy Hall is, at the moment anyway, permitting some dissenting views to be posted. Simpson is way too much of a chicken sheet for that, and Levin's threshold for dissenting views is very very low.

  2. I ventured over to "Crossroads", and all the white males are spewing their venemous hatred as usual. They seem to cheer and celebrate savagery and wanton slaughter when practiced by Sherman, but now they seem to be all weepy eyed at the severe Union defeat and the attending loss of life at Ft. Pillow. Those crazy angry white males, what are ya gonna do?

  3. The official Union reports contradict the notion that there was even a massacre there. As far as battles go, it was fairly typical. As far as the behaviour goes at the flogs, Yankees are taught from childhood to believe North= America. They're also taught that Southrons are either children in need of Northern parental guidance, or are little better than animals. All of this is based on the America was founded in Massachusetts myth.

  4. Sherman not celebrating cold-blooded mueder?? Naw, he only advocated the killing of women and children

    " But one thing is certain, there is a class of people, men, women, and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order, even as far south as Tennessee. "

  5. Eddie ... it's OKAY when THEIR SIDE does it...

  6. Don't you wonder what kind of twisted logic is required to construe quoting Kerosene Billy as "sanctification" of war atrocities? He just loses touch with common sense and reality more and more all the time.

    When I have recounted instances of the union army's atrocities and depredation on Southern civilians, I've had flogger types smirk back at me with the same Sherman quote, war is hell. Would Simpson say THEY are sanctifying war atrocities? Of course not. In the flogger mentality, atrocities are atrocities depending on who they're perpetrated on....

  7. "Kerosene Billy" lol. Anyway, there was no "massacre" at Ft. Pillow, just a clear and decisive Confederate victory. And always remember that the rout occurred after a magnanimous offer by Forrest to accept a peaceful surrender, that Major Bradford, who was commanding the Union forces by default, committed fraud under a flag of truce, and that it was the Confederates who, rather gallantly, lowered the Union Flag to halt the fighting. The idea of a "massacre" is pure rot propaganda.

    1. Several times, Union troops surrendered, only to
      pick up weapons and start
      firing again. In one instance, under a white flag.

    2. Indeed, James. Have you ever encountered a flogger-type who acknowledges that, though?

    3. Never have, Ms Connie. But Neo Yankees always interpret things. According to them, certain Union figures didn't mean what they said or we "misinterpret" what they meant. I wonder how many meanings a Yankee can put into a stop sign?

  8. Bottom line Forrest was found NOT GUILTY by a Yankee court.

    For more reading on Yankee atrocities visit ----

    George Purvis


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