Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Was Funny -- and Fun

From the Crossroads blog, statements by Simpson and some of his peanut gallery floggerettes -- and my replies:


This week Connie Chastain thought it was proper to post profane and ugly lyrics on her blog, just as one time she posted pictures of mostly unclad women.

It's as proper for me to post the lyrics as it is for Goad Gatsby to blast them at the VaFlaggers and VMFA visitors. And I never heard Simpson bellyache about Corey's Confederate flag porno blog, which featured totally unclad women in vulgar poses....

For the record, I don’t know Goad Gatsby...

There is as much evidence that you know him and are buddy-buddy with  the anti-flagger community in Richmond as there is that any of the VaFlaggers are friends with Matt Heimbach.

...and I don’t select his playlist.

But you don't object to it.

I think he’d be far more effective with clean lyrics (maybe he should add The Battle Cry of Freedom and John Brown’s Body/Battle Hymn of the Republic).

But until now, you haven't suggested this to him on your blog when he posted comments.

However, it seems to me that he has as much right to do what he does as the Flaggers have to do what they do...

I haven't said he doesn't. I was simply commenting on the ... ah ... nature ... of his, um, protest. As I said, it's unclear how such filthy lyrics convey disapproval of the Confederate battle flag.

...and if he’s violating any laws or ordinances, then by all means, ask one of Tripp Lewis’s friends in uniform to have a talk with him.

Don't know if he's breaking any laws; don't care. Just pointing out the "morality" that approves and promotes filthy lyrics which themselves promote promiscuity and war against the traditional family and religion. (Note another slimy Simpson tactic here -- the irrelevant reference to Tripp Lewis, made solely to denigrate. If Simpson were not out to denigrate and stir up animosity for the VaFlaggers, he would have said, "...if he's violating any laws or ordinances, then by all means, ask a law enforcement officer to have a talk with him." ).

Connie, by the way, apparently still has no problem with atrocities, racism, bigotry, and violence against women.

Another lie in a long list of Simpson's lies, which illustrate that he has no problem lying. What I have is little tolerance for the hypocrisy of the critics and evilizers of Southern heritage in particular and white Southerners in general.

When her buddy John C. Hall Jr. uses the same language she claims to deplore in rap lyrics, she says nothing;

I'm unaware of John using such language. However, I have taken John to task several times for things he has said. I wonder why Simpson has omitted this information?

... recall that she once defended Pat Hines from antiSemitism … really?

I wasn't aware that Pat was a target of anti-semitism. I have taken him to task for things he has said -- which Simpson hasn't acknowledged. However, there was one instance where something he wrote was characterized as anti-Semitism, and I disagreed that it was anti-Semitism.

Same goes for Connie defending Hall’s antiSemitism.

I haven't defended Hall's anti-Semitism. When the Due South group was new, I threatened him with expulsion from the group for such comments. Of course, Simpson won't tell his followers about that. He is a master at omitting what doesn't mesh with or reinforce his false presentations.

Maybe she can spend some time telling us how her views differ from those of Glenn Miller.

I don't know Glenn Miller's views. However, I don't believe in or support murder, if that's what Simpson lying about...  I will note that this is a classic slimy Simpson tactic -- to attempt to connect people who have no connection in order to slime someone he doesn't like.


Goad is a nice guy, I would much rather hang out with him than Connie’s KKK friends, and I think most sane people would.

I don't have any KKK friends. However, in 1971 or so, I worked with a man whom people said was a member of the KKK. I don't know how accurate that was. He was not a friend, he was a co-worker, in a completely different department, but our working relationship was civil. And Lamprey, I'd much rather you hang out with Goad and his depraved "rap scene"  than me and my friends, whom you love to lie about.


If Connie Chastain was a true anti-semite wouldn’t she be more vocal about it? Glenn Miller was loud and proud about it, and now he has murdered people he thought were Jews. Ms. Chastain is loud and proud about some things as well, but not about all of the same things Glenn Miller was loud and proud about. Ms. Chastain can speak for herself of course, but If she thinks Jews control the Federal government and whatever else lets hear it from her. In perusing her blog, I’m not really seeing much writing about how Jews control everything. If she didn’t like Jews like Miller didn’t like Jews, one would expect she would write about them as much as she writes about you and Kevin Levin. ;)

As far as I can see, nobody controls the federal government. It is totally out of control.  I really don't spend a lot of time thinking about Jews (or the Amish or Baha'is, etc.), though I do think Jewish comedians are some of the funniest in the business. I very much support the right of Israel to exist.


Connie’s weapon of choice is her keyboard and internet connection. She seems to excuse or explain away a lot of behavior normal people see as bigoted, while she seems obsessed with Gann Academy, claiming it’s segregated (although she really doesn’t mind the concept for people she likes). She’s not exactly a model of tolerance or consistency.

I disagree that normal people see such behavior as bigoted -- leftists liars and busybodies are the one who see it as bigoted. I'm not obsessed with Gann Academy; I do like to point out the hypocrisy of people who evilize white Southerners, though, as Kevin Levin does.

Actually, I personally don't mind Gann Academy's segregation, but I do have a problem with people accepting that segregation is okay, depending on who's doing it.

She’s been invited to highlight the differences that are more than distinctions. She has her own blog where she can do so. I’m sure she’ll express herself on the issue in characteristic fashion. :)

The differences are manifest. This is confirmed by the fact that Simpson has to lie about me in order to characterize me as having no problem with atrocities, racism, bigotry, and violence against women.


        She defended this statement by Hines:

        “A large percentage of anti-south rhetoric and activities are by Jews, particularly from the northeast, that hate Christians. Since the south is a bastion of Christianity in America, they reserve their nastiest venom for us.”

        As I’m sure you can see, that is indistinguishable from statements made in past history by legendary anti-semites. What say you about her defense/”explanation” of this statement?

My concept/understanding of anti-semitism is that it's hatred for Jews. Of course, with leftists, the definition of anti-semitism is the same as their definition of racism -- changeable, means whatever they want it to mean when they use it, so fluid and elastic, they can stretch it to cover any sort of statement or behavior they wish to characterize that way.

As I recall, I said that particular statement is not anti-Semitic -- that is, it does not express hatred of Jews. One may or may not agree with his assessment, but it doesn't express hatred for Jews.


 Connie’s all about hate.

Only in Simpson's purposeful deceit. I don't hate anybody. not even him.

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