Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simpson Expects a Rant?

Aw, too bad all he's gonna get is truth to counter his lies. I guess he's really, really PO'd that I questioned the intelligence found on flogger blogs -- including his.

David Tatum compares women to dogs? Tatum was talking about Kristen Konate's offering to buy a ticket to Africa (to the country of her, Konate's, choice) for Virginia Flagger Karen Cooper.

Konate, remember, is the woman who threw tantrums over the I-95 Battle Flag memorial (which, btw, is still there, and quite visible, and getting visibler all the time -- and no great calamity has befallen Richmond as a result). She also put her own address online and then accused a couple of Virginia Flaggers of doing it.

So at his new blog, "Bazzackwards" (lol!) Tatum takes her to task for her remarks about Karen.


David concludes the post with, "Now then had a Flagger said something like that Brooks would be all over it, but since it was one of his lackeys it's OK !  Simpson, ya need to put a muzzle on yer mutt !"

So in his current News and Notes rant (amazing what ths learned professor considers to be news iddinit?), Simpson attempts some keister-covering with, "Anyone who goes to the comment in question can see that I reacted to the comment, which I thought was, to use the words of Ms. Chastain, “inappropriate.”"

Look at this snot-slick glibness, chirren, and learn. He did indeed react to the comment, but he is NOW trying to palm off the notion that his "reaction"(his comment) included his "thought" that Konate's statement was "inappropriate."

So he "thought" it was inappropriate? So the heck WHAT? He expects his comment thread viewers to READ HIS FLIPPIN' MIND?  If he THOUGHT it was "inappropriate," why didn't he POST that it was inappropriate?

In any case, for whatever reason, he didn't post that thought.  Andy Hall posted it.  What Simpson did was to attack Karen Cooper. Said he, 
 "Let's not let our anger get the best of us. What Karen Cooper says speaks for itself."


(Click to see full size)
And then Konate attempts to cover HER cheeks with this:

(Click to see full size)

So Simpson "fights back" by saying David called a woman a dog. Well, no, he called her a mutt, which CAN mean dog. It can ALSO meant something ELSE:

Do you suppose a learned college professor doesn't KNOW this?  I mean, you'd think someone who loves to denigrate other people's intelligence the way he does would be familiar with all the put-downs, wouldn't you?

Or is he continuing to assassinate his own intelligence for the sake of denigrating Tatum, an outspoken Southern heritage supporter?

David's right, but he doesn't go far enough. If a Flagger or supporter had said said the same thing, Simpson would be MORE than "all over it." The nails-on-a-blackboard screeching reverberating across the floggosphere from central Arizona would make your skin crawl...

And the stench of hypocrisy that accompanies it would burn your rhinal cavities raw....

In fact, it already does.


  1. "Do you suppose a learned college professor doesn't KNOW this?"

    We are talking about a learned person who still thinks the WBTS was all about slavery, yet cannot produce anything from any Confederate that proves his point. Of course he thinks Lincoln was sending bread and honey to Fort Sumter too ----so.

  2. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Brooks Simpson, the Über white man from the Über white town with the Über white Town Council, is in another foaming-at-the-mouth apoplectic rage. His hate-filled raw fury is, evidently, because his tendentious and de facto white separatism has been revealed, and he is humiliated. Well TFB, deal with it. Also, white male Rob Bakur has weighed in. Given Bakur's well- documented history of violating the trust of his employer, one wonders if Bakur's post was the result of his parasitically sponging off the Gwinnett County taxpayers and illegally using County resources for his personal pleasure; he has done this at least 794 times, and in all likelihood, over 1,000 times. Miserable hypocrites.

  3. I think there is a fishing lure that describes Simpson -
    "Mr Twister" it's a dog gong good lure for fishin but the Simpson application is Really Twisted.
    I was commenting on the actions of a person, the fact that it was a woman is irrelevant. If it had been a man my comment would have been the same.
    So Mr Twister is the one who makes an issue of gender.
    That's typical of Simpson, " The best defense is a good offense."
    No matter what the circumstances of a subject Simpson stays on the attack.
    Remember Al Mackey's Grammar lesson on the word "till" ?
    Al was soooooo wrong, but rather that admit another of his boot licks
    had made a mistake, he stays on the attack and says, "at least he got you to use a dictionary".
    That's weak, but so are the majority of Simpson's arguments.

  4. In case someone here needs a link to Mackey's terashy blog, this one is to his latest post, which I will address in the near future.


    George Purvis
    Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education

    1. that was supposed to be "trashy" To many fingers on the keyboard!!!!!!!!!


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