Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks to David Tatum and George Will ...

To Dave, a true Confederate, for reminding me of this song.

Listen up, Goat Gatsby. THIS is REAL rock and roll MUSIC.

Ladies and gentlemen, GRAND FUNK RAILROOOOOOOAD! 

To George, for telling it like it is:

ProSoutherner: "Looks like it might rain."
Brooks D. Simpson: "You're a racist."


  1. The first time I heard Grand Funk I was in High School, I was slipping into the 600 wing bathroom for a smoke, a buddy named Doug Stone had a portable 8 Track Player and "Paranoid" was echoing off the walls !
    I was hooked ! I was a Beatles fan and still am, I had never heard anything like Grand Funk before. I'm glad I stopped in that day !
    You can hear the song here --

  2. "Crossroads" has a thread which summarizes some recent events. Brooks Simpson (white male), directs us to the blog of Al Mackey (white male). Mackey has posted a presentation on the Valley Campaign given by Joeseph Whitehorne (white male). Simpson also posted a video of Jill Titus (white female) of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. She is interviewed by an unidentified white male. Also, take a visit to the Institutes web page and look at all the whites in the photos. There are no blacks, Latinos, Asians, or Muslims visible. A total white out. Go take a look. Brooks also indignantly calls Connie a bigot as he defends the segregationist whites only admitting policies of the Gann Academy. Andy Hall (the white male who publicly degraded his 80 year old mother in law for a few laughs) makes a few remarks as does Rob Baker (he is one of the three white males in his profile photo). Simpson then refers us to the blog of Kevin Levin (white male). All of the commentary was written in English, and English only at each and every website white male Brooks Simpson referenced.

  3. This is just surreal... I post about Grand Funk's "Foot Stomping Music" and Tu Quoque Bakur does an analysis on his blog of "An American Band."

    At least I got a new link to his blog -- I haven't visited it in years because the old link took me to a dead end. So now I have seen his new blog, and frankly, I don't think I've been missing anything.

  4. I visited his grubby little blog just a couple of times a year or so ago. It became very clear almost instantly that Baker is just an ignorant dipstick kid full of ideas he doesn't understand. When that is taken together with his almost unbelievable dishonesty and hypocrisy, it renders his blog utterly worthless.

  5. And now Baker is over at my pages, Cold Southern Sreel, arguing that Elvis did not sing Dixie.

    I guess he needs to be treated like a 5 year old.

    George Purvis

  6. Elvis singing Dixie:


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