Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Call for Information

Maybe some SCV members can provide this info. If not, I'm sure floggers who are constantly combing the internet for dirt, trash and garbage they can use to smear Confederate heritage can provide it.
(1) Tell me how many gatherings, events, activities, etc., have the Sons of Confederate veterans sponsored and/or attended during the past, oh, say two years.

(1) Of that number, at how many did SCV members perpetrate violence, intimidation, inflammatory language, threats, and otherwise cause unsafe conditions for any facility or people?
I would prefer independently verifiable third party substantiation of said misbehavior be provided, but simply identifying the event, date and location -- and the misbehavior -- ought to be enough for me to verify it myself.

The point of my call for info, of course, is to show that the concerns of officials at the chapel are baseless at best, and made up, at worst.

So they've received inflammatory and threatening letters, emails and phone calls? So what? The notice doesn't give the slightest indication that they came from SCV members. 

Frankly, folks, I don't believe for a New York minute that officials at the chapel are concerned for the safety of the facility and its staff. I think this is a total fabrication designed to portray the SCV as bullies and dangerous, and the chapel staff as poor widdle innocent wictims.

They obviously don't give a flip about Lee and his legacy. They're happy to knuckle under and tarnish Lee and his legacy to appease spite activists.

And the closing of the chapel? That's pure spite, too.

Our heritage is in the hands of our enemies, who are determined to erase it -- enemies who hate us.

It's enough to bring on projectile vomiting.


  1. The SCV has never shown any inclination to any type of violence at any event that I've had the privilege to attend. My personal belief is that W&L is closing the chapel out of spite to deny those attending the rally the opportunity to visit the chapel while in Lexington.

  2. Connie go to the SHAPE website, look under "Living History" in the forum, I usually keep a calender of all events posted there. I have deleted the year 2013 so you can at least double the number of events posted there.

    I have never heard of any sort of trouble at one of these gatherings.


  3. likely the only threatening communication the W&L hierarchy has received is the threat of civil disobedience from the so-called The Committee

  4. Its not he SCV (I am a proud member)folk they fear but now that W and L is in the spotlight it is ,likely the anti confederate troublemakers might confront of because trouble in Lexington.
    Only its rural location protects it from problems. I have never heard of any such problems with SCV.UDC,SAR,DAR,SUVCW etc.

  5. I once watched an SVC member tear the tag right off his mattress. Tore it right off I tell ya.


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