Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Stuff Came In!!!

Got my cameras, got my floppies, got my floppy drive. What fun! The late 1990s digital photo technology is still amazingly good. The pictures aren't as good as the ones my husband's Fine Pix camera shoots, but they're better than the ones my Fine Pix camera turns out.

Here are some "point and shoot" images I made without doing any adjustments to the camera settings.

This is Flipper (so called because he lays on his back and flips from one side to the other a lot) -- aka Old Blue Eyes, aka The Chairman of the Board. You can tell he's a boy cat just looking at his face.

These images are shot from my yard.

It has been sixteen years since I first used a Sony Mavica MVC FD-73 when I was a campaign volunteer for Joe Scarborough. I experimented a lot, shot under a variety of circumstances ("town hall" meetings, his kids' T-ball games, interior, exterior, flash, no flash...) There aren't a lot of settings on the camera, but I will have to re-acquaint myself with the few there are, to get the most out of my new old cameras.

But it sure beats that lame Fine Pix with its blurry images....

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