Monday, July 7, 2014

Flogger Fantasizes a Pathology of Violent Fantasy

After slandering and ridiculing some Southern heritage folks who, as far as I know, have never hurt anybody, Andy Hall sez on his blog, "It’s easy to point and laugh at silly people ... but underneath it all runs a culture that rewards angry rhetoric and fosters a pathology of violent fantasy, actively abetted by their friends who ignore, defend or explain it away."

Reward? WHAT reward? What the heck is he talking about?

Anybody want to bet that Andy will not identify this "reward," explain who it has been rewarded to and how and when?

Fosters a pathology of violent fantasy? What I've seen is angry rhetoric in response to lies and fabrications, attacks and yet more incidents in the Gramscian long march of destruction through our cultural institutions, particularly the South's.

Andy links to Brooks Simpson's comment (yes, the blessed silence seems to have broken) from a recent post:  Wonder why Billy’s always thinking about acts of violence against non-white people? Wonder why lynching came to his mind this time …

Billy is always thinking that? How does Simpson know what Billy thinks even some of the time, let alone what he's always thinking?

For those interested in truth and reality, Billy made a couple of over the top remarks in response to (1) insulting "satire" and (2) a judicial decision that will ultimately destroy our culture. Billy has also been critical of white folks who also lie about and attack (verbally and otherwise) Southern heritage,  culture, and simple decency. Will Simpson acknowledge that? Of course not. He's not interested in truth, facts and balance when it comes to his own hate and prejudice.

Is it actively abetting, ignoring, defending or explaining away a pathology of violent fantasy to not take seriously threats that were not seriously made? Or "angry rhetoric" that is no worse than what provoked it?

So Andy -- who has yet to acknowledge the dismissal of the Paula Deen case, about which he went on and on and on about -- wants to repeatedly carp about Josephine Bass? I long ago explained why the remarks she made about school shootings  (re: Sandy Hook) at Meyer's blog were simply over-the-top rhetoric and not her genuine beliefs. How do I know that? Well, I know it because I saw something Andy could/should have seen, the way he fine-tooths Facebook looking for stuff to bellyache about, but apparently didn't want to, or at least didn't want to acknowledge...  I posted about it here: 

My post at that link, btw, primarily focuses on Simpson, but when it comes to hatred for Southern heritage folks, Simpson, Hall and all the floggers are basically indistinguishable from each other. And I know Andy saw it, or had opportunity to, considering how much he monitors Backsass.

Apparently, this "reward" Andy writes about is like all the "Southron hearts" that were "a-flutter" over the separatist flag in Ukraine... basically nonexistent; i.e., existing primarily in Andy's imagination. In any case, he never identified a single fluttering Southron heart, and I suspect hell will freeze over before he identifies the culturally bestowed "reward" he's fantasizing about. But in case I'm wrong, if this type of reward is indeed real, and our "culture" has handed out such reward to people who spout angry rhetoric, somebody please PLEASE identify the reward, the bestowing of it, the time/place, and other particulars in the comments.

Oh, and while y'all are at it, explain to me, if you can, how this "pathology of violent fantasy" Andy is fantasizing about is somehow worse than a culture that shrugs over knockout games, teenagers shooting babies in the face, and the horrendous number of rapes, sexual predation on children, violent attacks, injuries and murder not -- that is, NOT -- committed by Southern heritage folks ... actual pathological violence floggers seem blissfully unaware of in their zeal to denigrate and lie about people who see things differently than they do.

Remember, these floggers are people who, as far as I've been able to determine, have never admonished Liberty Lamp(rey) for his threat to the VaFlaggers or his "Kill Whitey" image and other death-focused images (a pathology of violent fantasy if there ever was one) on his Twitter feed.  But Liberty Lamp(rey) hates Confederate heritage folks, too -- so I guess that makes HIS violent fantasies OKAY with Andy and his fellow floggers.

How do you spell "double standard"? Several ways. One of them is A-N-D-Y  H-A-L-L.


  1. Connie,

    Check out this Baker hasn't the backbone to come here and post his mini-thoughts.

    Check out the comments of Isabell, the woman with "Superior Education to anyone" who would just love to dance on the grave of Everything Southern. This isn't the first time she has called for genocide of Southern Culture.

  2. You know that Hall, Simpson, etc write for the gratification of themselves and those like-minded haters. Fact is entirely no consequence. Hate is all that matters

  3. Hall is filled with rage and hate. He seems unbalanced and on the verge of a violent outburst. Scary guy.

  4. In one way it may be amusing to finally see ole Andy Hall lose it and have a breakdown....but then again I'd worry about what sort of collateral damage he might cause in the process.

  5. Ta tell ya the truth, if I were to be going into surgery, Andy's face is NOT the last one I'd want to see when they put me to sleep.


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