Sunday, July 20, 2014

Unused Reading Rooms at W&L In the News?

Referring to the comment thread following Is This Why He Sends Flowers to a Funeral?,  this is what I mean by Tu Quoque throwing in everything but the kitchen sink.  He sez, "The flags are not with anyone, anymore. Yet, they used to be on a daily basis among the student body. Your argument that the flags stood in a secluded place on campus is sort of interesting. You make the location out to be an unused book room where only people in the know visited."

MY argument that the flags stood in a secluded place on campus? The "secluded place" was an alcove in the Lee Chapel with the statue, The Recumbent Lee. It's only been in the news and in the news and in the news.

The flags used to be "on a daily basis among the student body"?  The whole student body crowded into the Chapel on a daily basis? Or, more to the point, they crowded into that tiny alcove where the flags were -- on a daily basis?
An unused book room? Where in the heck did he get that? Somebody check through my comment (time stamped July 20, 2014 at 8:40 PM) and identify for me what he could possibly be misconstruing that way.

The committee is made up of civil rights wannabees. We know this because they took the name "the Committe" after the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The SNCC didn't pay attention to flags. Read about them here: SNCC.

These college kids at W&L are trying to create their own "glory days" -- imagining themselves the heirs of Stokely Carmichael, Julian Bond, John Lewis, Marion Barry, H.Rap Brown...

Ruscio caved because leftism has taken over academia.

Shrewd and smart both have multiple meanings. The meaning of "shrewd" I had in mind was "artful," and the meaning of "artful" I had in mind is 1. slyly crafty or cunning; deceitful; tricky

But after reading this risible crap about unused book room and the rest of it, I may have to reassess my view that Bakur is shrewd.  He apparently is just a product of what passes for the educational establishment in this country....


  1. "The Committee" is a bunch of shake-down artists. I howled with laughter as I perused the various departments at W&L. Entire departments, Math, Physics, Computer Science, English, Economics, and Latin, to name just several, have no black faculty. None. And the Law School? Forty-two permanent faculty, nine visiting faculty, and not a single black professor. Not a single one.

    So , what has "The Committee" upset? Why the Confederate Flag in the Lee Chapel naturally. Everything the left does is steeped in fraud and hypocrisy. Everything. Why doesn't that misfit collection of thumb-suckers protest the blatant racism in the hiring policies at W&L?

  2. YOU know that was coming and you knew what would happen.Same old story. Ruscio is a college president ,You were expecting moral courage from a College president?
    With the money he is going to lose from alums he could have built an Solid Gold statue of Traveler.


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