Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Dishonesty from a Flogger

Boy, do I know how to get Brooks Simpson steaming! He's ticked off about my retort to Kevin Levin's ludicrous put-down of the SCV re: the Lexington rally.

Does Simpson never tire of perpetrating chicanery?

He notes that, like Levin, I'm not in the SCV; I'm not a student of W& L U.

Interesting how he stops there, iddinit? -- if it doesn't fit with his need to denigrate, harass and put down, he doesn't mention it -- but, unlike Kevin, I AM descended from Virginians, and I DO have forebears who fought for the Confederacy.

So Simpson's dishonest reporting of my post -- that the VaFlaggers, Carl Roden, Dave Tatum, etc., should step aside,  "according" to me, because Lexington is none of their business -- is a blatant lie. Most of them are Virginians, and most if not all have forebears who fought for the Confederacy.

Significantly, (and it's mindboggling that this has to be explained to someone as, presumably, intelligent and edumucated as Simpson implies he is) none of these people he mentioned issued ludicrous put-downs of the SCV's Lexington rally.

No, Kevin hasn't said he hates Confederate heritage -- but his blog is basically a vehicle for expression of it, whether he comes out and states it that way or not -- just like Simpson's blog, and Andy's blog, and Mackey's blog, and the hangers-on and wannabee blogs.

Back when I could walk, I was on the front lines, and if I could walk now, I still would be, although it's doubtful I could afford to journey to Virginia every time haters attack our heritage in the Old Dominion.

Then Simpson makes his claim -- oft-repeated, and wrong every time -- that I, or we (Confederate heritage supporters) need to feel hated.  As I indicated unmistakably here, we don't feel a need to be hated (what a ridiculous thing to claim). We just recognize it when hate IS aimed at us. 

The VaFlaggers don't employ me to carry their message. (Eyeroll.) I simply upload content that they write to their blog. I speak for myself, nobody else.  Simpson knows this; anybody have any guesses why he repeated lies about it?

Why has Simpson mentioned Susan Hathaway's employer again? Is he so disappointed he didn't get her fired and destroy her livelihood (in the midst of Obama's destruction of the economy, when jobs grow scarcer every day) that he has to bring it up again and again? If that's not a sign of hatred, what IS it?

And that's just one dead horse he repeatedly beats.

Ah, my readers should note that "uppity" is Simpson's word, not mine, regardless of his fraudulent attempt to attribute it to me.

As for his claim that I can't figure out who The Committee members are ... mistakenly assuming that Brandon Hicks was a law student at NCCU is not the same as not knowing who he is. Do you suppose Simpson is incapable of distinguishing the difference? Or has he simply grown incapable of telling the truth?

Nope, I'm not confused about who they are, as I've noted before, I know what they're about. The Committee members are spite activists. They're not about diversity and inclusion. They're about banning and restricting and disallowing. They're also civil-rights wannabees. Their name, per Hicks, pays homage to the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. And Hicks has a history of homosexual activism. Does Simpson not know this? Does he not know what the SNCC was?

As for not taking Confederate heritage advocates seriously, why has Simpson addictively posted about the VaFlaggers over 185 times since December 29, 2011?  When you consider his additional posts about individual heritage folks or other groups, it all adds up to a whopping Simpson obsession. 

That is an act of taking something seriously. And the contents of his obsessive posts are expressions of hatred.  Plain and simple.


  1. Connie,

    Simpson, Dick and the otthers must make these character attacks because they have no other weapons to use. Granted they may know history, but they are so busy spinning the truth to fit their agenda it becomes easy to expose them as liars. That being the case their only hope is to try and drag a group or person through the mud in order to cover up their shortcomings.


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