Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Dishonest Can Floggers Get?

Now they're portraying understandable anger and disapproval of W&L's handling of the flag situation as not caring about historic flags.

I used to wonder whether they were just so entrapped by their leftist viewpoints that they couldn't tell what they were doing ... or whether they were deliberately misstating things.

I don't wonder anymore. I am thoroughly convinced that they are deliberately misstating things. To focus totally on a couple of hot-heads and try to palm them off as representative of all Southern heritage supporters is blatant dishonesty -- and they do it knowingly, and with dishonorable motives.

And their apparent belief that "the committee" is as pure as the driven snow in their motives is also dishonest. Anybody who has paid even the slightest attention to the machinations of the left since the middle of the 20th century knows exactly what's going on here.

The notion that the administration, faculty, students, etc., at W&L are indifferent to this cultural and historical cleansing is flogger spin.  People acquiesce to this kind of crap because they've seen for the past 50 to 60 years what happens, increasingly, if you speak up.  And it's worse now than it has ever been.

But somebody is speaking up. The Virginia Flaggers.  And they're inspiring countless others to shed their fears and speak out as well.  They are truly awakening dormant Southern pride and rallying Southerners across the Confederacy to take pride in their heritage.

That terrifies the "civil war left" the way the Tea Party terrifies left-liberal Democrats (and for much the same reasons) ... hence the horrendous attempts to discredit the VaFlaggers and the reprehensible attacks on Susan Hathaway.

Yet the VaFlaggers keep clipping along.  Two big flags by the side of the highway in Virginia are stirring Southern hearts with pride. And, amazingly, no great calamity has befallen Richmond or Fredericksburg as a result.

I don't know about y'all, but I would LOVE to see another giant flag by the highway in the vicinity of ... Lexington.


  1. So would I. Flog the floggers with more flags!

  2. "The Civil War Left" is a perfect appellation for that misfit collection of liars, frauds, hypocrites, and miscreant reprobates that includes Simpson, Hall, Mackey, Levin, and Baker. They love multi-culturalism, but they live lives that are the envy of even the most dedicated white-separatists. They love multi-lingualism, but they write in English, and English only. They vilify slavery and slave-owners, except slavery and slave-owners in Kentucky, and Missouri. They despise traitors, except when the traitors are named Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson. They loathe white-supremacists, except when the white-supremacists are named Lincoln and Sherman. They are liars, frauds, hypocrites, and miscreant reprobates. They are the "Civil War Left".

    1. Excellent post, Austin.

      I call them "The Race-Baiter School of Civil War History" which is a take on "The Dunning School..."
      ...which they despise and replaced about the 1950s-60s..

      "Race-Baiter School" because every subject that has a race element in it - .guess which side they come down on? Whether it's the Fort Pillow "Massacre," USCT "Volunteers" or the depiction of slavery in the southeast US as the worst form of slavery in human existence - you automatically know where they stand and how they will present it.


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