Monday, July 7, 2014


I've contacted the seller through e-bay. They have a terrific (99.7% positive) feedback rating. I hope they get my case and charger soon to me soon. Camera has a battery in it, but it must need charging because it doesn't power the camera on. Without the charger, I can't test the camera to see if it works; can't even test the battery to see if it takes/holds a charge.  Grrrrr.
I expect a seller with positive feedback that high will make this right. And I can't use the camera, anyway, until I buy some floppy discs... But still, I didn't get what I bought and paid for... Annoying.


Wonderful news. In less than 24 hours, I've heard from the seller, though ebay. Seller said there was a mix-up in shipping. They are sending me a battery, a charger a SOFT caseAND .... get this .... AN EXTRA CAMERA, same model! I told them that would certainly solve the problem, and I would give the seller a 100% positive feedback rating in response.

THAT is how pleased I am with their timely solution to the problem!
The extra camera will certainly make up for having to take a soft case instead of the hard sided one! 

Incidentally, for those who may be wondering ... these "old technology" Sony Mavica cameras (that use floppy diskettes as "film") make far, far better pictures than my Fuji digital camera, or my husband's Nikon Cool Pix. I used to have one and was so disappointed when it quit working.... It was a first generation "FD-73" like the ones I'm getting through ebay. 

I don't know what the secret was ... superior lens ... superior method for digitizing the images ... I just know it handled light and sharpness better than later and more expensive cameras I've used.

A pic of my pop made with a Sony Mavica FD-73:

And another made with one of my other digital cameras (I don't even remember which one):

My "Grrrr!" has become "Yay!" So now I have to order a USB floppy drive,  and some 3 1/2 inch diskettes! This camera is gonna be great for taking pics of the house fixup (See my new Old Florida Meets Mid-Century Modern blog) ... and of big Confederate flags by the highways of Dixie!

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  1. Welcome to the .3%
    I hope ya get it straight, I've had a problem or two on E-Bay but it was always taken care of by the seller.


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