Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Injecting a Little Reality...

...Into Flogger Assumptions

A recurrent theme in flogger flogs is the "failure" of heritage groups to stand against the tidal wave of destruction aimed at Confederate heritage by the American left. The VaFlaggers and the SCV failed in the flag prohibitions in Lexington; they failed to oust Mimi Elrod. Now they've failed re: the flags at W&L.

One thing these people seem to not understand (although I don't doubt for a minute that they indeed do understand, perfectly) is that in the last 40 to 60 years, the country has taken a  harrowing lurch leftward. It began with the transformation of America's colleges and universities by the likes of the Frankfurt School. It continued with Gramscian "organic intellectuals" conducting the long march though our culture's institutions. (see  http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2013/11/still-pertinent-after-all-these-years_23.html )

What happened? Well, there were certain aspects of American culture that needed improvement, no doubt.  No human endeavor is without flaws. But what happened was that the American left-- socialists, communists, collectivists, liberals -- saw an opportunity to do much more than improve the problem areas. They saw an opportunity to use the need for improvement, and the efforts toward improvement, to dismantle what they hated about the USA (religion, strong families, decency, tradition) and replace it with their vision.

The problem is that their vision is deeply destructive.

Americans of the baby boomer generation and younger have been robbed of their cognition. They've been taught to feel, not think.  They've been taught to have visceral reactions to certain perceptions -- what they've been told is "racism" and "sexism" and "homophobia."

The change did not come quickly. It was gradual, and took decades to bring about. But by now it is firmly entrenched. People who hold deeply to leftist tenets now control education, business and industry, the media and government -- even some churches.

Homosexual activist leaders admit that the true agenda behind "gay marriage" isn't "marrying who they love" because the majority of homosexuals prefer promiscuity. The true agenda is the destruction of the traditional family and the silencing of the churches.

The most ludicrous claim to come resounding from the left is that there's a war on women in the United States. The feminist movement has fabricated "rape culture," increasingly removed young men from colleges and universities, encourage women to divorce, take every penny they can squeeze out of their ex-husbands and instill in their children alienation from and hatred for their fathers. They, too, are doing what they can to destroy families and churches.

Hardly a day goes by in this country without "racism" being in the news. But the same news industry mutedly reports items confirming that it isn't white people who are motivated by a racial/racist agenda. And, overall, it is not people of color who are victimized by whites. Quite the opposite. But acknowledge that truth and you will be labeled "racist."

The enemies of Confederate heritage are liberally sprinkled throughout positions of authority in the South. Unless they're running for national office, most Southern, or "Southern", politicians don't campaign on a blatantly anti-Confederate heritage platform. There are still too many voters that would alienate. They wait until they are in office -- like Mimi Elrod --  to show their true anti-Confederate colors.

Southern universities are home to anti-Confederate faculties and administrators. And the hatred of Confederate heritage in the media rivals that in academia.

Our flags, monuments to our heroes, the commemoration of those heroes -- like our culture at large -- are in the hands of our enemies.  So of course standing up to them is not going to accomplish much.

At least, not yet.

It took decades -- two or three generations -- for the left to get where it is today. And it will take a long time to undo the destruction. But each "defeat" re: Confederate heritage, brings the reality about the left's war on Southern culture and heritage to the attention of ever more people. Those big flags flying proudly beside highways across Dixie, without bringing war, pestilence, the renewal of slavery, and all sorts of horrors in the gloom and doom predictions of critics, awakens more Southerners to their heritage, to how much of it has been lost, and why it needs to be preserved and restored.

So go ahead and gloat while you can, Andy, Brooks, Kevin, Al -- along with your peanut galleries and wannabes -- about heritage "defeats."  Because they are destined to end.  They're already ending. (See the license plate victory for the Texas SCV.)

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