Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spineless Admins at W&L Cave to PC Censorship

They chose to dishonor a great man to whom they owe the VERY EXISTENCE of the university, and cave to racially motivated, Alinsky-ish agitators.

I don't believe for a New York minute that these students felt "unwelcome" because of the flags in Lee Chapel. They were throwing their perpetually offended, catered-to weight around.

I believe that playing "offended minority" and targeting what our culture has honored for generations is a non-violent version of the knockout game.

Remember, floggers and floggerettes who are calling this decision "reasonable" and "intelligent" and "logical" are people who hate the Confederacy, hate Lee, hate his accomplishments and his memory, hate it when he is honored, hate those who honor him, hate the traditional South, hate Southern heritage supporters and hate white Southerners in general.


  1. Exactly! Lincoln nor MLK would make a pimple ion Lee's butt!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't believe the $upporters of W&L hail from the PC crowd - the Brooks Simpsons, Andy Halls, and Kevin Levins of the world. And what Mr. Ruscio has done will not be well received. If donations dwindle he may cave back the other way.

  3. Evil, tyranny and liars hate us, they hate our heroes and our flag, but the TRUTH will win out in the end.


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