Thursday, July 10, 2014

This 'n' That, July 10, 2014

Corey, I'm not going to "friend" Lucas Goodman, Caleb Granger or Michael Addams on Facebook, capisce? Nor any of your other fraudulent profiles, capisce? Act like an adult. Give. It. Up.

FOLLOW UP:  Deny it till doomsday, Corey. You're a proven liar.


From the Old Virginia blog: "Some Boston bloggers are deflecting some of the criticisms about this issue by trumpeting the fact that W & L will be displaying the original flags in the museum below Lee Chapel.  So? That could have been done without removing the other flags."


The floggers have shown their true interest in the W&L brouhaha. The Virginian Flaggers. I'm not making this up.  Levin takes this affront to all Southerners, this desecration of the greatest Southerner who ever lived, this defeat for the entire region, and what does he make of it? 

A defeat for the Virginia Flaggers. 

I kid you not. 

Your field of view is a little bit narrow, there, iddinit Kevin?


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  1. Diversity? Tolerance? Understanding?
    It looks like that is a "ONE WAY" street.
    I'm not angry, I'm saddened by removal of the flags.


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