Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It Is Fascinating....

...to watch all the haters of  Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy telling us with such assurance what Lee was like... what he wanted, what he didn't want, what he intended, what he felt about his service to the Confederacy, and his service to Washington and Lee and, get this -- who and what he would like and approve of today, and who and what he would scorn.

The understanding that these people are totally missing -- I mean totally and completely missing -- is that the flags in the chapel alcove serve the same purpose as flowers at a funeral. They are for the living, for those who remember and honor.

So while the removal of the flags was done from the motive and desire of dishonoring Lee, it was done more as a boot heel in the teeth of those living today who honor him.  And while Lee-haters are experiencing a pleasurable buzz over the extreme dishonor smeared upon Lee, they are positively delirious with rapture over the bloody gums of Southern heritage supporters.

But what else can you expect from the civil war left?


  1. The Cïvil War Left, as evidenced by Simpon's blog, is populated by hatemongers. The level of rage and hate they consistently demonstrate is a little frightening. They appear to be on the edge of physical violence.

  2. I wonder how they are going to feel when, in the inevitable course of things, the US flag comes under attack. After all, how many years did that flaf fly over slavery? How many ships flying that flag carried Africans to the US, Cuba, Brazil? How many years of genocide were waged against American Indians under that flag? How much territory was stolen from Mexico under that flag? Etc, etc


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