Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Short Musical Interlude...

...before I get back to some kick-bootay bloggin'.

The artist here is Jonathan Butler, and these tunes are hauntingly beautiful, especially High Tide, which even has a bit of scatting. Barenese is the name of Butler's wife. Wikipedia notes that his music is classified as R&B, jazz fusion and worship music. These two tunes are smooth jazz.

Butler is from Cape Town, South Africa. Internet says he was born during apartheid, and lived in a cardboard shack with his parents and fifteen siblings, and grew up hungry.

Unfortunately, many in SA who experienced the same thing then aren't faring much better under the ANC now. Like so many other places where do-gooder collectivism, socialism and/or communism has gone to "help" the poor and oppressed, the only ones who are really helped are those who seize power. I've read from several sources in SA that a great many blacks are actually worse off now than they were under apartheid.

I hope any family he has remaining in South Africa are enjoying better days.

These beautiful sounds are from 1987.

High Tide


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