Monday, July 14, 2014


The Taliban destroyed historic commemoration....

ISIS destroyed historic commemoration.

As Kevin Levin sez, "The Committee's work."

Destroying historic commemoration.

And for what?

Spite. Pure spite.


  1. Corey makes this idiotic observation, "No, the flags were not there originally. Now if they called for the demolition of the recumbent lee that would be destroying historic commemoration."

    Duh... The statue of Bamiyan Buddha wasn't there "originally," either. Ditto the Assyrian statue destroyed by ISIS. It wasn't there "originally." They were both made and put there for commemoration -- just like the flags in the Lee Chapel alcove were.

    I guess he thinks nothing can ever be changed from its "original" state -- although things are changed, all the time. But change that removes, destroys, hides, is just plain destructive... It doesn't matter that the flags weren't there originally. A number of changes have been made to the chapel and alcove that weren't there "originally".

    What a non-argument.

    1. This may be tangential at best. But I thought I might comment. I recall, that some time ago; Mr. Meyer stated that some students or young men, where misbehaving in his town or school. He stated that they displayed the VBF and that he believes that the Virginia flaggers and others are inspiring and egging on this misbehavior. I would state that this is a good example of the very real cultural differences between the North and the South. Illustrating the point. Growing up in Texas, in the 80's, students displayed and wore Confederate and Southern symbols everyday, without censure. The local gang of miscreants, however, committed their misdeeds under the marijuana leaf flag. They wore marijuana leaf patches on their clothing and placed this symbol everywhere. For which, they were punished severely. Confederate symbols were not seen as representing "rebellion" or outlawry in any way. For these kids, the marijuana flag was their "rebel flag." The VBF was not, and is not , seen in this way by most Texans. Now, I would suggest that because these young men in Illinois, and presumably in other Northern states, are taught that the VBF is a symbol of "rebellion" and outlawry, they take it as such. In their cultural milieu, it's viewed as such, also. Furthermore, their community and their peers view it as such. I would also suggest that Mr. Meyer's problem is local, and not the fault of, or a problem of concern, to the VA Flaggers, or anyone else in the South. As an aside, these individuals would be seen here as misguided wannabes. Not "rebels." Two different cultures, two different meanings.

  2. and "The Committee" wasn't there orginally


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