Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kidnapping Update...Simpson-Style

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  1. That would be the thing this historian knows how to do the best.

    He is scared to come out from behind the protection of his admin tools. Of course he pees like a puppy

  2. Simpson, What pathetic piece of a shell of a man he is !
    It takes a low life scum bag to drag an innocent little girl into his twisted reality.
    He says that he has posted twice before on the matter, maybe I read em maybe not, but I'm willing to bet it was more of an attack on the Flaggers than it was a post to help the child. Brooks did your two post on the situation do any good ?
    Simpson's tie in with the Flaggers is ludicrous!!!!
    Another example of his twisted reality, and outright contempt of the Flaggers.
    The child was taken to Flagger event's, I know I was there and saw her. She was a show stopper. A beautiful little girl.
    OK she was at Flagger events, I bet she has been to Wal-Mart also, so does that make Wal-Mart a player in this story ?
    I don't know all the particulars of the case. And we all know what you read in the Press is reliable.
    Remember the 1996 Olympic Bombing ?
    Richard Jewell, a security guard at the concert, was charged with the crime.The press had him convicted !!! However, evidence against him was dubious at best, and he was fully cleared of all responsibility in the bombing.

    Simpson !! You're a Low Life Scum Bag, This is by far the Lowest Thing you have ever done !

  3. Exactly, Dave. He's at low-life scumbag level. He and Corey have gone nearly insane trying to smear the VaFlaggers with this, demanding that they DO something to help find the little girl. Their idea of helping seems to mean posting about it on the internet.

    How do they know the VaFlaggers haven't helped? Well, becuz it's not on the Internet.

    What idiocy.

    Neither one of them give a frigging flip about the little girl, or her mother -- except for their usefulness as a potential tar-brush to smear the VaFlaggers with. How do I know this? Because I've read their posts and comments about it. TheY show absolutely zero help, or even concern. They are totally about smear the VaFlaggers.

    How do you explain such flogger hatred for people who have never done anything to them?

  4. No, Corey. That is NOT the issue. "Social media" is not the only way to help. You don't have the slightest inkling who has helped, and how they have helped -- you just think if you don't see it on social media, they haven't helped at all. Infantile.

    I guess you've become so trapped in the machine, you don't realize there's a whole, real world beyond cyberspace.

    I have been hard pressed to keep from commenting scornfully on the intellectual deficiencies shown by floggers in their criticisms of Confederate heritage, particularly the VaFlaggers. Because belittling someone's intelligence (usually wrongly) is a flogger hallmark.

    But I may have to rethink that approach. I have no qualms exposing the deficient integrity exhibited by floggers, but maybe its time to start showing the detrimental effect a lack of integrity can have on flogger intelligence.

    We know your integrity is sorely deficient. You're a known liar. You are a SELF-ADMITTED liar so you have no basis for criticizing the VaFlaggers about anything. You don't care about the woman or the little girl, you just care about using them (like Simpson and his peanut gallery) to smear the VaFlaggers.

  5. The VaFlaggers put everything online or in the media? How do you know this? You don't. You know only what you see. You don't know what you can't see. Your comments are getting stupider by the minute. Quit while you're ahead.

  6. Rob, you don't have to come here and read at all, you know?

    1. Baker has no other place to go with his childish ways. He can't compete in the real world without backup from Big fat Al ,
      and Shrimpson

      I just got rid of Corey and Baker on Cold Southern steel for insults and childish behavior. Seems as if they can't take good advice and shut their mouths for a second.

  7. You are a liar, Corey. A proven liar. A self-admitted liar.

  8. Then shut up and quit complaining.

  9. I think Connie, you underestimate just how depraved a man Simpson truly is. A man who would exploit the misfortune of a 2 year old child to gain advantage in a blog war? This is shocking and despicable. How does that little rodent look at himself in the mirror?

  10. Simpson is using a Hamas tactic / using an innocent to cover his attack, Corey should be grateful, with this action by Simpson he's no longer the lowest life form on earth.

  11. Haha, love how you delete the comments but leave your response.


    As you state, Corey is a proven liar and Baker is just a nut - or maybe, a leftist playing by Alinsky rules.


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