Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Disparagasms In the Floggosphere

All these weeks Simpson has been keeping quiet and playing "history" at his blawg, he musta been bustin' a gut to get back to doing what he loves best --  ridiculing and denigrating, disparaging and reviling people who disagree with him about history.

His followers have apparently missed lobbing put-downs, as well.  Because when the dam finally broke (pardon the mixed metaphors), the ridicule that geysered up and spewed forth at Crossroads would put Yellowstone to shame.

The lust to harass and ridicule permeates the entire floggosphere, though, not just Crossroads, as a tiptoe through that barren cyberland demonstrates.

For example, we've recently seen how Andy Hall manipulates facts to hurl insults at Southern heritage folks.  And now, he's putting his "scholarly" foot forward with this, regarding the flag removals at W&L: "He (Lee) did not, as far as I know, intend for it to become Confederate Candyland or a reliquary to the Lost Cause, as some seem to want it to be." As if that's what the removed flags were. No, Andy, they were not -- at least, not anywhere but in your fevered anti-Confederate fantasy-life.

Andy, of course (to hear him tell it, and tell it, and tell it) -- has a direct line of communication with real Confederates -- all the hundreds of thousands of them. And to hear him tell it, they all thought exactly alike on any given subject he chooses to palaver about. So he knows ...  everything they knew, everything they felt, everything they believed, everything they wanted, everything they intended, up to and including the great general himself.  

Well, I don't believe Andy knows that. I think he's projecting his own animosity for Confederate heritage onto those brave men because, well, he's bought into the  PC version of the war, the South, Southern white folks. And because he's basically a scalawag.

I wonder how it feels to be the kind of person who can't feel good about himself unless he's diminishing someone else... many times disparaging them over things that the disparager doesn't give a fig about to begin with.

The more I deal with these floggers and their floggerettes, the more I realize they don't care about history, except as a weapon to verbally assault and abuse people they don't like. What they care about is giving themselves the warm fuzzies of moral superiority (but how much oomph can those warm fuzzies have if you have to get them immorally?) and the trembling, quaking, thrashing, panting ecstasy that comes with badmouthing another human being.


  1. It should hit, in the face, the casual reader of Simpson, Hall's Baker, and Levin and Mackey's blog there are few if any people with opposing views who post to thier "historical" pages. The reason is most of us has been banned!!!!!!!!!! That should give an indication of how accurate their pages are.

    Now it just my way of thinking the names Washington and Lee should bge removed from the university because this sort of cultural genocide would not sit well with either of them.

  2. The last paragraph exactly describes the haters and their motivations.


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