Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(Updated!) The Texas Scalawag Droneth....

...On and On. Again

Andy says, "The focus of the present-day Washington and Lee University is exactly where it should be, on Lee’s contributions and legacy to the school. I have no doubt whatever that, were he here today, like Jefferson before him Lee would be more proud of the university he helped build than anything else he did in his public life."

Izzat right? Andy has no doubt about that? Well, you know what? Andy's absence of doubt doesn't cut the mustard with me; it doesn't make him right. Frankly, I couldn't care less what Andy has no doubts about.

Back in 2000, when his book, Robert E. Lee on Leadership, was released, author H. W. Crocker was interviewed on C-SPAN. The interviewer asked him about Lee's plantation or some such, and Crocker said, "Lee was a soldier, not a planter."

He was not an educator, either, although he did a fantastic job as the administrator of an educational institution after the war, where his leadership abilities saved Washington College from extinction.

But he was, in fact, a career soldier. Attended flippin' WEST POINT to prepare for a lifetime of military leadership. But Andy wants to tell us he would be prouder of his 5 or so years at Washington College than he was of his dedicated and brilliant performances and accomplishments in HIS CHOSEN PROFESSION?

Give me a flippin' break.

Talk about yer "history revision." Nobody does it better than fake historians like floggers.

If Andy is right, why doesn't the statue, Recumbent Lee, depict the general in the garb of a university administrator, dozing at his desk? Why does it picture him as a general in the Confederate army  -- in uniform, boots and all, sword at hand -- asleep as if in his field tent?

Over at Levin's blawg, Andy leaves this comment: "None of the predictably outraged responses I’ve seen so far acknowledge that (1) the flags being removed are replicas that only date to 1995, and (2) that they will be replaced by a rotating exhibit of a *real* Confederate flag, beginning with one captured at the “high water mark” of the Confederacy at the stone wall at Gettysburg.

"Style over substance, flashy showmanship over realty. Same as always.."

What escapes Andy's notice, whether intentionally or not, is that IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER THE FLAGS WERE REPLICAS OR NOT. They were intended to honor the general's memory, and that's what they did.

The historic flags that were originally there (to honor Lee) were deteriorating, so the replicas were placed there to serve the same purpose as the removed historic flags -- to HONOR General Lee.

The "real" Confederate flag (why the quote marks, Andy?) that will so graciously "replace" the ones in the mausoleum will not be put in the alcove with the statue Recumbent Lee, so it really isn't "replacing" the removed flags at all. It will be put in the museum, which is downstairs. And it will not be put there as a tribute to Lee, to honor the general's memory. In fact, the  point of removing the flags, the very purpose of removing them, was to remove the tribute and honor to Lee -- in other words, the removal was intended to dishonor him.

Back at his own blawg, Andy created a disparagasm by referring to the "usual suspects" (Southern heritage folks) but linking to only one Facebook post written by an outraged Southron with bad grammar and bad spelling, and in typical Andy style, with blatant dishonesty, he attempt to use it to smear all those who oppose W&L's decision.

He says, "One common whinge that we’ve heard for a while now is the W&L has somehow turned its back on the legacy of Robert E. Lee."  It is certainly in the process. These six agitator students have paved the way for the next six or four or two. You know, it really only takes one complainer to  to get another chunk of our heritage removed. And however many more will follow them, and on and on, until there is nothing left of Lee at the university -- not even his name?

Andy surely knows -- though I'm sure he will pretend not to -- that there are people who want nothing more than to have Lee dishonored and expunged from the University and from history itself -- except as an example of Confederate evil.

So Andy doesn't like us standing up for one of the greatest historical figures in the South, the USA and the entire world? Tough.


More droning on and on and on...

At Simpson's blawg, Andy sez,

"It will be interesting to see what the Flagger crowd does, beyond making really bad Photoshop images and fluffing each other on Facebook."

This is all he sees so he thinks this is all there is.  Is that not a scream!!  LOL! Typical flogger two-year-old mentality.

As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon.  What a gullibull..."

He continues with what he "suspects."  As if that matters. "I suspect they will find that not very many in the W&L community — staff, faculty, students, alumni, donors — are particularly torqued about this change in policy and, as with their protests over Lexington’s flag ordinance, they have to bring in protesters from out-of-town to have a photo-op “advancing the colors.”

Hey, Andy, it's a trick they learned from minorities, union-types, Democrats and other assorted leftists. The difference being that most proSoutherners pay their own way... There's no Donna Brazil to by them lunch, cigarettes and a bus ticket to and from wherever they're needed.

"Say what you will about “the Committee,” unlike the Virginia Flaggers they actually pay tuition and have a stake in the university."

As if the VaFlaggers are the only ones who object to the university's cowardly caving.  Every time they open their bloggin' mouths, the floggers show who/what they are REALLY interested in.

Besides, how does he know that no Virginia Flaggers (or their parents or children) has paid tuition at W&L and has no stake in it?

What the Va Flaggers are doing has nothing whatever to do paying tuition or with their "stake" in W&L. It has to do with confronting those instigating Alinsky-type agitation designed to bring down the existing heritage, history and culture, Gramsci-style, and put in place some bizarre, unrecognizable leftist fantasy ... because, you know, communism and socialism worked so well in the USSR, eastern Europe, Cambodia and the like, where it murdered some  110,000,000 people in the 20th century.

Apparently to left-worshipping floggers, that is preferable to honoring Lee and the Confederacy.

(P.S.  Andy, let's see some of your photoshoppin' efforts, hun. And I don't mean some CAD program that does all the pretty-work for you. Let's see some of YOUR OWN creativity and execution.)


  1. "Andy surely knows -- though I'm sure he will pretend not to -- that there are people who want nothing more than to have Lee dishonored... as an example of Confederate evil."

    Andy's one of them.

  2. Absolutely. His blog screams his deep desire for it.


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