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This 'n' That

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Lexington had highest jobless rate in June
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So how's that whole hatin' on the Confederacy thing workin' out for ya?
Corey and Bakur think Gann Academy, where Levin teaches, is not segregated. I guess these two highly edumacated, learned individuals think segregation means separating black from white, and that only.

According to,
verb (used with object), seg·re·gat·ed, seg·re·gat·ing.
1. to separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate: to segregate exceptional children; to segregate hardened criminals.
2. to require, often with force, the separation of (a specific racial, religious, or other group) from the general body of society.

verb (used without object), seg·re·gat·ed, seg·re·gat·ing.
3. to separate, withdraw, or go apart; separate from the main body and collect in one place; become segregated.
4. to practice, require, or enforce segregation, especially racial segregation.
5. Genetics. (of allelic genes) to separate during meiosis.
Gann Academy is a Jewish school. Presumably, it doesn't admit non-Jews. It discriminates against any and all who are not Jewish. I don't have a problem with that. I do have a problem with someone who practices segregation and discrimination, based on what HE thinks is okay, putting down others for doing the same thing in the past.

If integration, diversity, mingling, etc., is so wonderful, why create a school just for Jewish kids? Why deprive them of the benefits of coming in contact with students of other faiths and cultures, if it so wonderful an experience for all other kids?


  1. Corey and Baker are limousine-liberal frauds, and they know perfectly well that the Gann Academy is a highly segregated school that deliberately segregates white Jewish students from non-white, non-Jewish students. Accordingly, Levin is a complete and utter fraud. But so are Meyer and Baker.

  2. Austin, Bakur sez you wuz, "...referring to segregation through the lens of race. This, is nothing more than an argument of semantics."

    LOL. Race is USUALLY what people are talking about when they mention segregation or integration. It's what HE usually means when he talks about it. But the word applies to religious, sex and any other kind of exclusion/inclusion, as your views/comments and mine have acknowledged.

    He also wants to know where Gann Academy professes that it excludes students not of the Jewish faith. It professes to exclude non-Jews by addressing and including only Jews.

    "The mission of Gann Academy is to educate, to inspire, and to empower intellectually confident, passionately engaged, ethically responsible JEWS..." (Caps mine. -cw)

    It claims to be "pluralistic" and diverse -- as long as you're Jewish.

    "We value the diversity the JEWISH backgrounds...' (Caps mine. -cw)

    Not Christian or Catholic or Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim or Shinto or Baha'i backgrounds. Jewish backgrounds.

    It doesn't say "of the Jewish faith". It admits atheist students -- IF they're Jews.

    Gann students and faculty include Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, traditional, unidentified and even atheist students with a variety of ideas about Judaism, faith and culture."

    "Gann Academy challenges students to understand and interpret Judaism as a source of religious obligation, spiritual opportunity and joyous celebration."

    "Gann Academy is a Jewish school ...We nurture a Jewish community .. Its mission is to educate ... Jews who will create a vibrant Jewish future ..."

    Now, as I have stated before, I have not one bit of problem with this. It is okay with me.

    What I have a problem with is not Gann Academy or its mission, students, curriculum or any of that.

    What I have a problem with is Kevin Levin immersing himself in that sort of segregation and exlusion, and haranguing people who segregated and excluded in the past. And even today.

    What if I were unimaginably wealthy and I decided to start a school for white, Southern, Christian males descended from Confederate soldiers? Or one for white, Southern Christian females descended from Confederate soldiers. That would be a very diverse group, wouldn't it, especially the Christian part -- Catholics, Protestants, and, within the latter, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Restorationists....

    But the whole floggosphere would simply explode if somebody did that. How do I know this? Because of the way they ALREADY explode over Sam Davis youth camps and SCV Debutante balls....

    Some years ago, there was an effort to start a Confederate military academy in north Alabama or someplace like that -- a private school, of course -- and you shoulda heard the howls of disapproval from the leftward edge of the Internet.

    All of the floggers are huge hypocrites and first-rate wielders of the Double Standard, but Levin is a COLOSSAL hypocrite whose brandishing of the Double Standard is absolutely masterful.

  3. In fact Connie, I distinctly recall how outraged and offended one blogger in particular was when commenting, on Levin's blog, about the Confederate History Camp. That blogger referred to the camp attendees as "Hitler Youth". I do not recall either Levin, or Meyer, or Baker rushing in to defend the camp on the principle of freedom of association. Nope. Not a peep out of the miserable hypocrites.

    But like you Connie, I absolutely believe in freedom of association, so on that basis I have absolutely no criticism of the Gann Academy. The criticisms are lodged against the do as I say and not as I do multi-culturalist phonies like Baker, Meyer, and Levin. I wonder if Patrick Young would describe all the students at Gann as "white and off white", by the way.

  4. Bakur tells me I haven't proved that Gann willfully rejects admissions from non-Jewish students. Like I care...

    1. Whether they do it directly or indirectly (both are willful) the school is religiously segregated. White folks are accused of segregation for simply moving from the city to the 'burbs to escape crime.....

    2. Besides, if Levin was the diversity worshipper he presents himself as (at least, so far as blacks and whites in the South are concerned), he should put his money where his mouth is and start a campaign and a crusade to make Gann even more diverse and inclusive... So that its "pluralism" isn't confined to Jews... He should actively, purposely seek out and recruit some black Rastafarians, a few Hispanic Catholics, some white Southern Baptists, maybe some New England Universalists.....

      Anybody think Levin's gonna do that?

  5. Over at Levin's blog he has a video of himself giving a lecture at Gettysburg. Now I freely admit that it is a small audience, but everyone in the audience is white. I wonder if Levin has ever even seen a black person in real life.


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